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Minnesota Legislature - Split Subdivisions

Split Subdivisions - H2012

Number of subdivisions split into more than one district
Counties - 54    MCDs - 89 VTDs - 242
Number of times a subdivision is split into more than one district
Counties - 163    MCDs - 119    VTDs - 246
Number of splits involving zero population
Counties - 1    MCDs - 14    VTDs - 35
Anoka Andover City 31B2,286
Anoka Andover City 35B28,312
Anoka Blaine City 37A12,916
Anoka Blaine City 37B39,686
Anoka Blaine City 38A4,584
Anoka Coon Rapids City 35B9,925
Anoka Coon Rapids City 36A16,555
Anoka Coon Rapids City 36B12,604
Anoka Coon Rapids City 37A22,392
Anoka Oak Grove City 31A6,674
Anoka Oak Grove City 31B1,357
Anoka Ramsey City 35A22,466
Anoka Ramsey City 35B1,202
Anoka Spring Lake Park City 37A4,245
Anoka Spring Lake Park City 41A1,989
Becker Detroit Township 02B1,114
Becker Detroit Township 04B919
Benton Minden Township 13B6
Benton Minden Township 14B1,658
Benton Sauk Rapids City 13B12,773
Benton Sauk Rapids City 14B0
Blue Earth Mankato City 19A4,007
Blue Earth Mankato City 19B35,298
Blue Earth Mankato Township 19A274
Blue Earth Mankato Township 19B1,695
Carver Chanhassen City 33B12,049
Carver Chanhassen City 47B10,903
Carver Laketown Township 47A2,238
Carver Laketown Township 47B5
Carver Victoria City 47A2,500
Carver Victoria City 47B4,845
Cass Salem Township 05A0
Cass Salem Township 05B95
Chippewa Granite Falls Township 16A0
Chippewa Granite Falls Township 17A253
Chisago North Branch City 32A2,536
Chisago North Branch City 32B7,589
Chisago Shafer Towship 32B1,013
Chisago Shafer Towship 39A35
Clay Moorhead Township 04A30
Clay Moorhead Township 04B139
Crow Wing Brainerd City 10A13,579
Crow Wing Brainerd City 10B11
Crow Wing Crow Wing Township 10A9
Crow Wing Crow Wing Township 10B1,957
Dakota Apple Valley City 57A31,231
Dakota Apple Valley City 57B17,853
Dakota Burnsville City 51A16,244
Dakota Burnsville City 56A12,729
Dakota Burnsville City 56B31,333
Dakota Eagan City 51A23,443
Dakota Eagan City 51B39,559
Dakota Eagan City 52B1,204
Dakota Lakeville City 56B8,395
Dakota Lakeville City 57A8,055
Dakota Lakeville City 58A39,504
Dakota Mendota Heights City 52A7,025
Dakota Mendota Heights City 52B4,046
Dakota South St. Paul City 52A12,014
Dakota South St. Paul City 54A8,146
Douglas Alexandria City 08B10,415
Douglas Alexandria City 12B655
Hennepin Bloomington City 49B25,690
Hennepin Bloomington City 50A17,576
Hennepin Bloomington City 50B39,627
Hennepin Brooklyn Park City 36B26,819
Hennepin Brooklyn Park City 40A39,493
Hennepin Brooklyn Park City 40B9,469
Hennepin Chanhassen City 33B0
Hennepin Chanhassen City 48A0
Hennepin Crystal City 45A12,110
Hennepin Crystal City 45B10,041
Hennepin Eden Prairie City 48A19,205
Hennepin Eden Prairie City 48B39,688
Hennepin Eden Prairie City 49B1,904
Hennepin Edina City 49A39,599
Hennepin Edina City 49B8,342
Hennepin Golden Valley City 45B13,765
Hennepin Golden Valley City 46A6,606
Hennepin Maple Grove City 34A24,107
Hennepin Maple Grove City 34B37,460
Hennepin Minneapolis City 59A39,653
Hennepin Minneapolis City 59B39,622
Hennepin Minneapolis City 60A39,625
Hennepin Minneapolis City 60B39,575
Hennepin Minneapolis City 61A39,635
Hennepin Minneapolis City 61B39,454
Hennepin Minneapolis City 62A39,496
Hennepin Minneapolis City 62B39,729
Hennepin Minneapolis City 63A39,668
Hennepin Minneapolis City 63B26,121
Hennepin Minnetonka City 44B25,764
Hennepin Minnetonka City 48A20,253
Hennepin Minnetonka City 49B3,717
Hennepin New Hope City 45A18,700
Hennepin New Hope City 45B1,639
Hennepin Orono City 33A6,470
Hennepin Orono City 33B967
Hennepin Plymouth City 44A39,542
Hennepin Plymouth City 44B13,366
Hennepin Plymouth City 45A8,686
Hennepin Plymouth City 46A8,982
Hennepin Richfield City 50A21,995
Hennepin Richfield City 63B13,233
Hennepin St. Louis Park City 46A23,427
Hennepin St. Louis Park City 46B21,823
Hubbard Farden Township 02A1,069
Hubbard Farden Township 05A68
Hubbard Hart Lake Township 02A374
Hubbard Hart Lake Township 05A135
Hubbard Lakeport Township 02A780
Hubbard Lakeport Township 05A65
Hubbard Steamboat River Township 02A121
Hubbard Steamboat River Township 05A5
Itasca Deer Lake Unorganized 05A84
Itasca Deer Lake Unorganized 05B3,411
Itasca Deer River City 05A4
Itasca Deer River City 05B926
Itasca Deer River Township 05A0
Itasca Deer River Township 05B704
Itasca Morse Township 05A615
Itasca Morse Township 05B0
Lake Lake No. 2 Unorganized 03A527
Lake Lake No. 2 Unorganized 03B1,567
Lake Lake Superior Unorg. 03A0
Lake Lake Superior Unorg. 03B0
Le Sueur Kasota Township 19A490
Le Sueur Kasota Township 20A1,091
McLeod Hutchinson City 18A9,497
McLeod Hutchinson City 18B4,681
Olmsted Cascade Township 25A392
Olmsted Cascade Township 25B2,423
Olmsted Marion Township 26A21
Olmsted Marion Township 26B3,632
Olmsted Rochester City 25A13,641
Olmsted Rochester City 25B37,339
Olmsted Rochester City 26A39,616
Olmsted Rochester City 26B16,173
Olmsted Rochester Township 26A0
Olmsted Rochester Township 26B1,629
Pennington Rocksbury Township 01A6
Pennington Rocksbury Township 01B1,205
Pine Sturgeon Lake City 11A0
Pine Sturgeon Lake City 11B439
Ramsey Maplewood City 43A20,626
Ramsey Maplewood City 43B5,017
Ramsey Maplewood City 53A12,375
Ramsey New Brighton City 41A10,343
Ramsey New Brighton City 41B11,113
Ramsey Roseville City 42B10,111
Ramsey Roseville City 66A23,549
Ramsey Shoreview City 42A17,854
Ramsey Shoreview City 42B7,189
Ramsey St. Paul City 64A39,630
Ramsey St. Paul City 64B39,670
Ramsey St. Paul City 65A39,531
Ramsey St. Paul City 65B39,412
Ramsey St. Paul City 66A8,186
Ramsey St. Paul City 66B39,440
Ramsey St. Paul City 67A39,453
Ramsey St. Paul City 67B39,746
Ramsey White Bear Lake City 38B13,757
Ramsey White Bear Lake City 43A9,637
Scott Shakopee City 55A36,638
Scott Shakopee City 55B438
Sherburne Big Lake Township 15B1,560
Sherburne Big Lake Township 30A5,826
Stearns Albany Township 12B980
Stearns Albany Township 13B0
Stearns Avon Township 13A1,226
Stearns Avon Township 13B1,068
Stearns St. Cloud City 14A29,728
Stearns St. Cloud City 14B22,933
Stearns St. Joseph Township 13A1,914
Stearns St. Joseph Township 14A10
Stearns Waite Park City 13A0
Stearns Waite Park City 14A6,715
St. Louis Birch Lake Unorganized 03A485
St. Louis Birch Lake Unorganized 06B20
St. Louis Duluth City 03B7,358
St. Louis Duluth City 07A39,416
St. Louis Duluth City 07B39,491
St. Louis Northeast St. Louis Unorg 03A244
St. Louis Northeast St. Louis Unorg 06B4
St. Louis Tower City 03A494
St. Louis Tower City 06B6
St. Louis Whiteface Reservoir Unorganized 03A65
St. Louis Whiteface Reservoir Unorganized 06B408
Washington Cottage Grove City 54A22,592
Washington Cottage Grove City 54B11,997
Washington Hugo City 38A3,972
Washington Hugo City 38B9,360
Washington Oakdale City 43B23,211
Washington Oakdale City 53A4,167
Washington Stillwater City 39A8,468
Washington Stillwater City 39B9,757
Washington Stillwater Township 39A2,354
Washington Stillwater Township 39B12
Washington Woodbury City 53A22,420
Washington Woodbury City 53B39,541
Wright Buffalo City 29A93
Wright Buffalo City 29B15,360
Wright Hanover City 29A0
Wright Hanover City 30B2,329
Wright Maple Lake Township 29A210
Wright Maple Lake Township 29B1,838
Wright Otsego City 30A590
Wright Otsego City 30B12,981