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MN Legislature - Minnesota Redistricting Timetable

Minnesota Redistricting Timetable for 2000

June 1995 

State leaders designate census liaison for Phase 1


Suggest boundaries of census blocks to Census Bureau ("Phase 1")

November 1997 

Washington, D.C., meeting of NCSL Redistricting Task Force 

Race and ethnicity categories to be used for 2000 census 

Plan redistricting publications for 1997-2000

April 1998  Seattle, WA, meeting of NCSL Task Force 

Update on redistricting technology 

Census dress rehearsal in Columbia, SC, Sacramento, CA, and Menominee Reservation, WI

Spring 1998  State leaders designate census liaison for Phase 2
July 1998  Las Vegas, NV meeting of NCSL Task Force 

Budgeting for redistricting

November 3, 1998  General election
1998-1999  Provide precinct boundaries to Census Bureau ("Phase 2")
January 1999  Budget for hardware and software must be ready
1999-2000  NCSL/Census Bureau redistricting workshops for legislators and staff
January 1, 2000  Precinct boundaries frozen 

Final city boundary adjustments to Census Bureau

April 1, 2000  Census
Summer-Fall 2000  Final upgrades to hardware and software
November 7, 2000  General election
December 31, 2000  State population reported to President 

Congressional seats reapportioned

January-March 2001  Block populations reported to state census liaisons ("Phase 3") 

Redistricting begins

March 19, 2002  Legislative and congressional redistricting complete

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