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About District Information

About District Information

Updated with 2010 population and 2012 boundary data

How to use

To choose a report, click the appropriate tab (House, Senate, Congress) to switch between legislative bodies, then click on a link in the gray box beneath the tabs to access that report.

To sort a report, click on one of the column names. Click the same column name again to switch between ascending sort (A-Z, 0-9) and descending sort (Z-A, 9-0).

About the data

All population data is based on the 2010 U.S. Census. Spatial boundaries and square mileage calculations are from U.S. Census TIGER data except for Public Schools and School Districts, which are from the Minnesota Department of Education. Reports display the population for each area (or portion of an area) that is contained within each legislative district. As an example, while many School Districts are contained completely within one legislative district, some may fall within multiple districts. Thus one School District may appear multiple times in one report, each instance indicating a portion of the population.


The data here is for informational use only. Due to limitations in the data, it may contain errors.

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