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   Congressional District Information by Cities and Townships

DistrictNameCity or TownPopulation
7 Peterson, Collin 2-C Unorg.146
3-A Unorg.328
5-A Unorg.611
Aastad Township213
Acoma Township1,149
Acton Township375
Ada City1,707
1 Walz, Tim Adams City787
Adams Township452
Adrian City1,209
Adrian Township142
7 Peterson, Collin Aetna Township194
4 McCollum, Betty Afton City2,886
7 Peterson, Collin Agassiz Township103
Agder Township109
8 Nolan, Rick Agram Township572
Aitkin City2,165
Aitkin Township856
Akeley City432
Akeley Township551
7 Peterson, Collin Akron Township301
8 Nolan, Rick Alango Township258
7 Peterson, Collin Alaska Township217
Albany City2,561
Albany Township980
1 Walz, Tim Alba Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Alberta City103
6 Emmer, Tom Alberta Township818
1 Walz, Tim Albert Lea City18,016
Albert Lea Township653
6 Emmer, Tom Albertville7,044
1 Walz, Tim Albin Township348
6 Emmer, Tom Albion Township1,255
8 Nolan, Rick Alborn Township460
1 Walz, Tim Alden City661
8 Nolan, Rick Alden Township213
1 Walz, Tim Alden Township306
8 Nolan, Rick Aldrich City48
Aldrich Township430
7 Peterson, Collin Alexandria City11,070
Alexandria Township4,098
Alfsborg Township323
Alliance Township235
Alma Township88
Almond Township110
1 Walz, Tim Alpha City116
7 Peterson, Collin Alta Vista Township175
Altona Township153
1 Walz, Tim Alton Township434
Altura City493
7 Peterson, Collin Alvarado City363
8 Nolan, Rick Alvwood Township42
Amador Township885
1 Walz, Tim Amboy City534
7 Peterson, Collin Amboy Township164
1 Walz, Tim Amherst Township378
7 Peterson, Collin Amiret Township245
Amor Township495
Amo Township132
6 Emmer, Tom Andover City30,598
7 Peterson, Collin Andover Township119
Andrea Township65
8 Nolan, Rick Angora Township249
7 Peterson, Collin Angus Township76
6 Emmer, Tom Annandale City3,228
8 Nolan, Rick Ann Lake Township447
7 Peterson, Collin Ann Township179
6 Emmer, Tom Anoka City17,142
8 Nolan, Rick Ansel Township97
7 Peterson, Collin Anthony Township62
1 Walz, Tim Antrim Township240
7 Peterson, Collin Appleton City1,412
Appleton Township203
2 Lewis, Jason Apple Valley City49,084
8 Nolan, Rick Arago Township607
Arbo Township867
7 Peterson, Collin Arco City75
Arctander Township381
4 McCollum, Betty Arden Hills City9,552
8 Nolan, Rick Ardenhurst Township164
7 Peterson, Collin Arena Township122
1 Walz, Tim Arendahl Township337
7 Peterson, Collin Argyle City639
Arlington City2,233
Arlington Township543
8 Nolan, Rick Arlone Township358
Arna Township112
Arrowhead Township223
Arthur Township1,843
7 Peterson, Collin Arthur Township81
Artichoke Township79
Arveson Township96
Ashby City446
Ash Lake Township151
1 Walz, Tim Ashland Township319
7 Peterson, Collin Ashley Township262
8 Nolan, Rick Askov City364
Athens Township2,177
7 Peterson, Collin Atherton Township145
8 Nolan, Rick Atkinson Township406
7 Peterson, Collin Atlanta Township119
Atwater City1,133
Audubon City519
Audubon Township548
Augsburg Township74
Augusta Township110
8 Nolan, Rick Ault Township109
7 Peterson, Collin Aurdal Township1,450
8 Nolan, Rick Aurora City1,682
1 Walz, Tim Aurora Township574
Austin City24,718
Austin Township1,004
8 Nolan, Rick Automba Township140
7 Peterson, Collin Avoca City147
6 Emmer, Tom Avon City1,396
Avon Township2,294
8 Nolan, Rick Babbitt City1,475
Backus City250
7 Peterson, Collin Badger City375
Badger Township117
8 Nolan, Rick Badoura Township128
7 Peterson, Collin Bagley City1,392
Baker Township114
Balaton City643
6 Emmer, Tom Baldwin Township6,739
8 Nolan, Rick Balkan Township832
Ball Bluff Township278
Balsam Township592
1 Walz, Tim Bancroft Township976
7 Peterson, Collin Bandon Township175
Bangor Township185
1 Walz, Tim Barber Township248
8 Nolan, Rick Barclay Township559
7 Peterson, Collin Barnesville City2,563
Barnesville Township147
Barnett Township139
8 Nolan, Rick Barnum City613
Barnum Township1,061
7 Peterson, Collin Barrett City415
Barry City16
8 Nolan, Rick Barry Township585
7 Peterson, Collin Barsness Township149
Bartlett Township445
Barto Township138
1 Walz, Tim Bashaw Township243
8 Nolan, Rick Bassett Township41
1 Walz, Tim Bath Township440
7 Peterson, Collin Battle Lake City875
1 Walz, Tim Battle Plain Township199
7 Peterson, Collin Battle Township46
Baudette City1,106
Baudette Unorg281
8 Nolan, Rick Baxter City7,610
7 Peterson, Collin Baxter Township200
8 Nolan, Rick Bay Lake Township929
4 McCollum, Betty Bayport City3,471
Baytown Township1,723
7 Peterson, Collin Bear Creek Township111
Beardsley City233
Bear Park Township192
8 Nolan, Rick Bearville Township205
Beatty Township372
1 Walz, Tim Beauford Township406
7 Peterson, Collin Beaulieu Township108
8 Nolan, Rick Beaver Bay City181
Beaver Bay Township473
1 Walz, Tim Beaver Creek City297
Beaver Creek Township386
7 Peterson, Collin Beaver Falls Township197
Beaver Township107
1 Walz, Tim Beaver Township242
8 Nolan, Rick Beaver Township53
6 Emmer, Tom Becker City4,538
Becker Township4,842
8 Nolan, Rick Becker Township517
7 Peterson, Collin Bejou City89
Bejou Township79
Belfast Township192
Belgium Township81
Belgrade City740
1 Walz, Tim Belgrade Township1,052
2 Lewis, Jason Bellechester City175
Belle Creek Township501
Belle Plaine City6,661
Belle Plaine Township878
8 Nolan, Rick Belle Prairie Township1,105
7 Peterson, Collin Belle River Township345
8 Nolan, Rick Bellevue Township1,093
7 Peterson, Collin Bellingham City168
1 Walz, Tim Belmont Township218
7 Peterson, Collin Beltrami City107
Beltrami Forest Unorg112
2 Lewis, Jason Belvidere Township462
7 Peterson, Collin Belview City384
Bemidji City13,431
Bemidji Township3,134
8 Nolan, Rick Bena City116
1 Walz, Tim Bennington Township169
7 Peterson, Collin Benson City3,240
Benson Township334
6 Emmer, Tom Benton Township786
7 Peterson, Collin Benville Township86
Ben Wade Township250
Bergen Township1,006
1 Walz, Tim Berlin Township519
Bernadotte Township278
7 Peterson, Collin Bertha City497
Bertha Township408
8 Nolan, Rick Beseman Township137
6 Emmer, Tom Bethel City466
8 Nolan, Rick Beulah Township64
7 Peterson, Collin Big Bend Township240
1 Walz, Tim Bigelow City235
Bigelow Township373
8 Nolan, Rick Big Falls236
Bigfork City446
Bigfork Township321
6 Emmer, Tom Big Lake City10,060
Big Lake Township7,386
7 Peterson, Collin Big Stone Township273
Big Woods Township53
1 Walz, Tim Bingham Lake City126
7 Peterson, Collin Birch Cooley Township245
8 Nolan, Rick Birch Creek Township233
7 Peterson, Collin Birchdale Township856
8 Nolan, Rick Birch Lake Township524
Birch Lake Unorganized505
Birch Township118
4 McCollum, Betty Birchwood Village City870
7 Peterson, Collin Bird Island City1,042
Bird Island Township205
Biscay City113
Bismarck Township314
8 Nolan, Rick Biwabik City969
Biwabik Township804
Blackberry Township880
Blackduck City785
1 Walz, Tim Black Hammer Township245
8 Nolan, Rick Blackhoof Township893
7 Peterson, Collin Black River Township82
6 Emmer, Tom Blaine City57,186
2 Lewis, Jason Blakeley Township418
8 Nolan, Rick Blind Lake Township82
7 Peterson, Collin Blomkest City157
Bloomer Township89
1 Walz, Tim Bloomfield Township353
Blooming Grove Township525
Blooming Prairie City1,996
Blooming Prairie Township430
3 Paulsen, Erik Bloomington City82,893
1 Walz, Tim Bloom Township158
7 Peterson, Collin Blowers Township321
8 Nolan, Rick Blueberry Township721
1 Walz, Tim Blue Earth City3,353
Blue Earth City Township387
6 Emmer, Tom Blue Hill Township2,176
7 Peterson, Collin Blue Mounds Township186
Bluffton City207
Bluffton Township479
8 Nolan, Rick Bock City106
Bogus Brook Township1,421
7 Peterson, Collin Bondin Township268
Boon Lake Township378
8 Nolan, Rick Borgholm Township1,718
7 Peterson, Collin Borup City110
8 Nolan, Rick Bovey City804
Bowlus City290
Bowstring Lake Unorganized1,166
Bowstring Township230
7 Peterson, Collin Boxville Township39
Boyd City175
8 Nolan, Rick Boy Lake Township256
Boy River City47
Boy River Township86
Bradbury Township268
7 Peterson, Collin Bradford Township91
8 Nolan, Rick Bradford Township3,380
Braham City1,793
Brainerd City13,590
7 Peterson, Collin Brandon City489
Brandon Township713
Brandrup Township158
Brandsvold Township245
Brandt Township50
Bray Township64
Breckenridge City3,386
Breckenridge Township255
8 Nolan, Rick Breezy Point City2,346
Breitung Township605
Bremen Township240
Brevator Township1,269
1 Walz, Tim Brewster City473
Bricelyn City365
2 Lewis, Jason Bridgewater Township1,772
1 Walz, Tim Brighton Township149
7 Peterson, Collin Brislet Township53
1 Walz, Tim Bristol Township396
6 Emmer, Tom Brockway Township2,702
7 Peterson, Collin Brookfield Township156
8 Nolan, Rick Brook Lake Unorganized233
5 Ellison, Keith Brooklyn Center City30,104
3 Paulsen, Erik Brooklyn Park City75,781
8 Nolan, Rick Brook Park City139
Brook Park Township522
7 Peterson, Collin Brooks City141
8 Nolan, Rick Brookston City141
7 Peterson, Collin Brookville Township224
Brooten City743
Browerville City790
Browns Creek Township48
1 Walz, Tim Brownsdale City676
7 Peterson, Collin Browns Valley City589
Browns Valley Township125
1 Walz, Tim Brownsville City466
Brownsville Township445
7 Peterson, Collin Brownton City762
Bruce Township585
8 Nolan, Rick Bruno City102
Bruno Township184
Brunswick Township1,333
1 Walz, Tim Brush Creek Township225
8 Nolan, Rick Buckman City270
Buckman Township733
6 Emmer, Tom Buffalo City15,453
7 Peterson, Collin Buffalo Lake City733
6 Emmer, Tom Buffalo Township1,804
8 Nolan, Rick Buhl City1,000
Buh Township520
Bullard Township219
Bull Moose Township133
Bungo Township188
7 Peterson, Collin Burbank Township566
Burke Township209
Burleene Township345
Burlington Township1,545
Burnhamville Township759
1 Walz, Tim Burnstown Township268
2 Lewis, Jason Burnsville City60,306
7 Peterson, Collin Burton Township148
Burtrum City144
Buse Township491
Butler Township283
1 Walz, Tim Butterfield City586
Butterfield Township213
Butternut Valley Township325
7 Peterson, Collin Buzzle Township310
Bygland Township272
1 Walz, Tim Byron City4,914
8 Nolan, Rick Byron Township144
1 Walz, Tim Byron Township230
7 Peterson, Collin Cairo Township232
1 Walz, Tim Caledonia City2,868
Caledonia Township641
7 Peterson, Collin Callaway City234
Callaway Township287
8 Nolan, Rick Calumet367
1 Walz, Tim Cambria Township260
8 Nolan, Rick Cambridge City8,111
Cambridge Township2,379
6 Emmer, Tom Camden Township922
7 Peterson, Collin Cameron Township137
8 Nolan, Rick Camp 5 Township35
7 Peterson, Collin Campbell City158
Campbell Township57
Camp Lake Township213
Camp Release Township315
Camp Township186
Canby City1,795
Candor Township561
1 Walz, Tim Canisteo Township654
Cannon City Township1,215
2 Lewis, Jason Cannon Falls City4,083
Cannon Falls Township1,070
7 Peterson, Collin Cannon Township20
8 Nolan, Rick Canosia Township2,158
1 Walz, Tim Canton City346
Canton Township724
7 Peterson, Collin Caribou Township48
1 Walz, Tim Carimona Township296
7 Peterson, Collin Carlisle Township156
Carlos City502
Carlos Township2,048
1 Walz, Tim Carlston Township305
8 Nolan, Rick Carlton City862
Carpenter Township179
1 Walz, Tim Carrolton Township314
Carson Township280
7 Peterson, Collin Carsonville Township220
6 Emmer, Tom Carver City3,724
1 Walz, Tim Cascade Township2,815
7 Peterson, Collin Cashel Township174
8 Nolan, Rick Cass Lake City770
2 Lewis, Jason Castle Rock Township1,342
7 Peterson, Collin Cedarbend Township221
2 Lewis, Jason Cedar Lake Township2,779
7 Peterson, Collin Cedar Mills City45
Cedar Mills Township460
Cedar Township86
1 Walz, Tim Cedar Township223
8 Nolan, Rick Cedar Valley Township195
Center City628
1 Walz, Tim Center Creek Township217
8 Nolan, Rick Center Township910
6 Emmer, Tom Centerville City3,792
1 Walz, Tim Ceresco Township239
7 Peterson, Collin Cerro Gordo Township197
1 Walz, Tim Ceylon City369
7 Peterson, Collin Champion Township53
3 Paulsen, Erik Champlin City23,089
7 Peterson, Collin Chanarambie Township206
Chandler City270
3 Paulsen, Erik Chanhassen City22,952
7 Peterson, Collin Charlestown Township208
3 Paulsen, Erik Chaska City23,770
1 Walz, Tim Chatfield City2,779
Chatfield Township531
6 Emmer, Tom Chatham Township1,302
8 Nolan, Rick Chengwatana Township987
2 Lewis, Jason Cherry Grove Township397
8 Nolan, Rick Cherry Township860
2 Lewis, Jason Chester Township455
7 Peterson, Collin Chester Township75
8 Nolan, Rick Chickamaw Beach City114
7 Peterson, Collin Chief Township96
Chippewa Falls Township228
8 Nolan, Rick Chisago City4,967
Chisago Lake Township4,656
Chisholm City4,976
7 Peterson, Collin Chokio City400
1 Walz, Tim Christiania Township249
6 Emmer, Tom Circle Pines City4,918
7 Peterson, Collin Clara City1,360
1 Walz, Tim Claremont City548
Claremont Township461
7 Peterson, Collin Clarissa City681
Clarkfield City863
1 Walz, Tim Clarks Grove City706
8 Nolan, Rick Clark Township169
1 Walz, Tim Clark Township254
Clayton Township158
8 Nolan, Rick Clay Township69
7 Peterson, Collin Clearbrook City518
8 Nolan, Rick Clear Creek Unorg160
6 Emmer, Tom Clear Lake City545
Clear Lake Township1,539
Clearwater City1,735
Clearwater Township1,306
7 Peterson, Collin Clements City153
1 Walz, Tim Cleveland City719
Cleveland Township658
7 Peterson, Collin Clifton Township324
Climax City267
Clinton City449
1 Walz, Tim Clinton Falls Township351
Clinton Township277
8 Nolan, Rick Clinton Township1,015
7 Peterson, Collin Clitherall City112
Clitherall Township455
Clontarf City164
Clontarf Township86
8 Nolan, Rick Cloquet City12,124
7 Peterson, Collin Clover Leaf Township84
8 Nolan, Rick Clover Township564
7 Peterson, Collin Clover Township234
Clow Township46
2 Lewis, Jason Coates City161
1 Walz, Tim Cobden City36
8 Nolan, Rick Cohasset City2,698
6 Emmer, Tom Cokato City2,694
Cokato Township1,311
Cold Spring City4,025
8 Nolan, Rick Coleraine City1,970
7 Peterson, Collin Colfax Township547
6 Emmer, Tom Collegeville Township3,343
7 Peterson, Collin Collins Township473
Collinwood Township1,113
6 Emmer, Tom Cologne City1,519
5 Ellison, Keith Columbia Heights City19,496
7 Peterson, Collin Columbia Township470
6 Emmer, Tom Columbus Township3,914
8 Nolan, Rick Colvin Township317
Comfort Township1,078
1 Walz, Tim Comfrey City382
7 Peterson, Collin Como Township39
Compton Township801
Comstock City93
Comstock Township105
1 Walz, Tim Concord Township574
Conger City146
7 Peterson, Collin Connelly Township116
8 Nolan, Rick Cook City574
7 Peterson, Collin Coon Creek Township244
3 Paulsen, Erik Coon Rapids City61,476
7 Peterson, Collin Copley Township872
3 Paulsen, Erik Corcoran City5,379
1 Walz, Tim Cordova Township471
6 Emmer, Tom Corinna Township2,322
7 Peterson, Collin Corliss Township493
8 Nolan, Rick Cormant Township158
7 Peterson, Collin Cormorant Township1,039
Cornish Township243
8 Nolan, Rick Cornish Township28
7 Peterson, Collin Correll City34
Cosmos City473
Cosmos Township228
2 Lewis, Jason Cottage Grove City34,589
8 Nolan, Rick Cotton Township445
7 Peterson, Collin Cottonwood City1,212
1 Walz, Tim Cottonwood Township840
Courtland City611
Courtland Township630
8 Nolan, Rick Crane Lake Township82
7 Peterson, Collin Crate Township211
2 Lewis, Jason Credit River Township5,096
7 Peterson, Collin Croke Township75
8 Nolan, Rick Cromwell City234
7 Peterson, Collin Cromwell Township345
1 Walz, Tim Crooked Creek Township285
8 Nolan, Rick Crooked Lake Township560
7 Peterson, Collin Crookston City7,891
Crookston Township413
Crooks Township191
8 Nolan, Rick Crosby City2,386
Crosby Township93
Crosslake City2,141
7 Peterson, Collin Crow Lake Township318
Crow River Township327
8 Nolan, Rick Crow Wing Lake Township332
Crow Wing Township1,966
Crystal Bay Township472
5 Ellison, Keith Crystal City22,151
7 Peterson, Collin Cuba Township277
8 Nolan, Rick Culdrum Township487
Culver Township294
7 Peterson, Collin Currie City233
8 Nolan, Rick Cushing Township714
7 Peterson, Collin Custer Township203
8 Nolan, Rick Cuyuna City332
7 Peterson, Collin Cyrus City288
8 Nolan, Rick Daggett Brook Township554
6 Emmer, Tom Dahlgren Township1,278
3 Paulsen, Erik Dahlgren Township53
8 Nolan, Rick Dailey Township234
1 Walz, Tim Dakota City323
8 Nolan, Rick Dalbo Township743
7 Peterson, Collin Dale Township151
Dalton City253
Dane Prairie Township887
8 Nolan, Rick Danforth Township78
7 Peterson, Collin Danielson Township295
Danube City505
Danvers City97
1 Walz, Tim Danville Township240
Darfur City108
8 Nolan, Rick Darling Township535
7 Peterson, Collin Darnen Township292
Darwin City350
Darwin Township681
Dassel City1,469
Dassel Township1,526
8 Nolan, Rick Davidson Unorganized42
7 Peterson, Collin Davis Township30
Dawson City1,540
3 Paulsen, Erik Dayton City4,617
6 Emmer, Tom Dayton City54
7 Peterson, Collin Dead Lake Township494
1 Walz, Tim Decoria Township1,104
3 Paulsen, Erik Deephaven City3,642
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Creek City322
Deer Creek Township344
1 Walz, Tim Deerfield Township517
8 Nolan, Rick Deerfield Township118
7 Peterson, Collin Deerhorn Township97
8 Nolan, Rick Deer Lake Unorganized3,495
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Park Township126
8 Nolan, Rick Deer River City930
Deer River Township704
7 Peterson, Collin Deer Township105
8 Nolan, Rick Deerwood City532
Deerwood Township1,306
7 Peterson, Collin Deerwood Township153
De Graff City115
1 Walz, Tim Delafield Township226
6 Emmer, Tom Delano City5,464
1 Walz, Tim Delavan City179
Delavan Township228
7 Peterson, Collin Delaware Township102
Delhi City70
Delhi Township293
8 Nolan, Rick Dell Grove Township697
4 McCollum, Betty Dellwood City1,063
1 Walz, Tim Delton Township123
8 Nolan, Rick Denham City35
2 Lewis, Jason Denmark Township1,737
Dennison City212
7 Peterson, Collin Dent City192
1 Walz, Tim Denver Township173
Derrynane Township508
7 Peterson, Collin Des Moines River Township133
1 Walz, Tim Des Moines Township232
7 Peterson, Collin Detroit Lakes City8,569
Detroit Township2,033
1 Walz, Tim Dewald Township254
7 Peterson, Collin Dewey Township122
1 Walz, Tim Dexter City341
Dexter Township310
7 Peterson, Collin Diamond Lake Township207
Dieter Township148
Dilworth City4,024
1 Walz, Tim Dodge Center City2,670
7 Peterson, Collin Dollymount Township77
Donaldson City42
Donnelly City241
Donnelly Township119
Doran City55
Dora Township725
2 Lewis, Jason Douglas Township716
1 Walz, Tim Dover City735
Dover Township389
7 Peterson, Collin Dovray City57
Dovray Township152
Dovre Township2,119
Drammen Township118
1 Walz, Tim Dresbach Township456
7 Peterson, Collin Dryden Township287
Dublin Township152
Dudley Township400
8 Nolan, Rick Duluth City86,265
Duluth Township1,941
7 Peterson, Collin Dumont City100
1 Walz, Tim Dunbar Township283
2 Lewis, Jason Dundas City1,367
1 Walz, Tim Dundee City68
Dunnell City167
7 Peterson, Collin Dunn Township905
8 Nolan, Rick Durand Township209
2 Lewis, Jason Eagan City64,206
7 Peterson, Collin Eagle Bend City535
1 Walz, Tim Eagle Lake City2,422
7 Peterson, Collin Eagle Lake Township378
Eagle Point Township17
8 Nolan, Rick Eagles Nest Township242
Eagle Township581
7 Peterson, Collin Eagle Valley Township541
Eagle View Township131
6 Emmer, Tom East Bethel City11,626
8 Nolan, Rick East Cass Unorganized62
1 Walz, Tim East Chain Township296
8 Nolan, Rick East Cook Unorganized636
7 Peterson, Collin Eastern Township230
East Grand Forks City8,601
8 Nolan, Rick East Gull Lake City1,004
East Koochiching Unorganized595
7 Peterson, Collin East Lake Lillian Township199
1 Walz, Tim Easton City199
7 Peterson, Collin East Park Township23
8 Nolan, Rick East Side Township620
7 Peterson, Collin East Valley Township43
Echo City278
Echo Township145
Eckles Township1,516
Eckvoll Township77
Eddy Township339
6 Emmer, Tom Eden Lake Township1,542
3 Paulsen, Erik Eden Prairie City60,797
1 Walz, Tim Eden Township254
7 Peterson, Collin Eden Township446
Eden Valley City1,042
Edgerton City1,189
5 Ellison, Keith Edina City13,369
3 Paulsen, Erik Edina City34,572
7 Peterson, Collin Edison Township106
Edna Township897
Edwards Township242
8 Nolan, Rick Effie City123
7 Peterson, Collin Effington Township264
Eglon Township508
Eidsvold Township236
1 Walz, Tim Eitzen City243
Elba City152
Elba Township311
7 Peterson, Collin Elbow Lake City1,176
Elbow Lake Township141
Eldorado Township94
2 Lewis, Jason Elgin City1,089
Elgin Township733
7 Peterson, Collin Elizabeth City173
Elizabeth Township819
Elk Lake Township281
2 Lewis, Jason Elko New Market City4,110
6 Emmer, Tom Elk River City22,974
1 Walz, Tim Elkton City141
7 Peterson, Collin Elkton Township308
1 Walz, Tim Elk Township253
Ellendale City691
Ellington Township261
7 Peterson, Collin Ellsborough Township145
8 Nolan, Rick Ellsburg Township219
1 Walz, Tim Ellsworth City463
7 Peterson, Collin Ellsworth Township848
1 Walz, Tim Elm Creek Township188
8 Nolan, Rick Elmdale City116
Elmdale Township1,010
Elmer Township151
7 Peterson, Collin Elmer Township231
1 Walz, Tim Elmira Township354
Elmore City663
Elmore Township181
7 Peterson, Collin Elmo Township331
Elmwood Township415
Elrosa City211
8 Nolan, Rick Ely City3,460
1 Walz, Tim Elysian City652
Elysian Township1,046
7 Peterson, Collin Emardville Township195
8 Nolan, Rick Embarrass Township607
1 Walz, Tim Emerald Township222
8 Nolan, Rick Emily City813
7 Peterson, Collin Emmet Township226
1 Walz, Tim Emmons City391
2 Lewis, Jason Empire Township2,444
7 Peterson, Collin Enstrom Township455
1 Walz, Tim Enterprise Township187
7 Peterson, Collin Equality Township131
Erdahl Township347
Erhard City148
Erhards Grove Township442
Ericson Township206
Erie Township1,642
1 Walz, Tim Erin Township859
7 Peterson, Collin Erskine City503
Espelie Township39
Esther Township165
Euclid Township151
2 Lewis, Jason Eureka Township1,426
1 Walz, Tim Evan City86
7 Peterson, Collin Evansville City612
Evansville Township242
8 Nolan, Rick Eveleth City3,718
7 Peterson, Collin Everglade Township108
Evergreen Township340
Everts Township658
1 Walz, Tim Ewington Township244
3 Paulsen, Erik Excelsior City2,188
7 Peterson, Collin Excel Township300
1 Walz, Tim Eyota City1,977
Eyota Township464
7 Peterson, Collin Fahlun Township335
8 Nolan, Rick Fairbanks Township63
7 Peterson, Collin Fairfax City1,235
Fairfax Township198
8 Nolan, Rick Fairfield Township345
7 Peterson, Collin Fairfield Township128
6 Emmer, Tom Fair Haven Township1,507
1 Walz, Tim Fairmont City10,666
Fairmont Township318
7 Peterson, Collin Fairview Township394
8 Nolan, Rick Fairview Township821
4 McCollum, Betty Falcon Heights City5,321
7 Peterson, Collin Falk Township284
8 Nolan, Rick Fall Lake Township549
7 Peterson, Collin Falun Township251
Fanny Township103
8 Nolan, Rick Farden Township1,137
1 Walz, Tim Faribault City23,352
7 Peterson, Collin Farley Township45
2 Lewis, Jason Farmington City21,086
1 Walz, Tim Farmington Township444
7 Peterson, Collin Farming Township987
8 Nolan, Rick Farm Island Township1,099
7 Peterson, Collin Farwell City51
Fawn Lake Township555
Faxon Township701
8 Nolan, Rick Fayal Township1,809
2 Lewis, Jason Featherstone Township782
8 Nolan, Rick Federal Dam City110
Feeley Township306
7 Peterson, Collin Felton City177
Felton Township86
Fenton Township177
Fergus Falls City13,138
Fergus Falls Township1,006
8 Nolan, Rick Fern Township270
7 Peterson, Collin Fertile City842
1 Walz, Tim Fieldon Township209
8 Nolan, Rick Field Township391
Fifty Lakes City387
1 Walz, Tim Fillmore Township457
8 Nolan, Rick Fine Lakes Township134
Finlayson City315
Finlayson Township456
First Assessment Unorg Terr5,424
7 Peterson, Collin Fisher City435
Fisher Township200
8 Nolan, Rick Fish Lake Township2,012
Fleming Township453
Flensburg City225
7 Peterson, Collin Flom Township218
8 Nolan, Rick Floodwood City528
Floodwood Township280
7 Peterson, Collin Flora Township188
Florence City39
2 Lewis, Jason Florence Township1,581
7 Peterson, Collin Florida Township129
Flowing Township77
Foldahl Township62
Folden Township299
6 Emmer, Tom Foley City2,603
7 Peterson, Collin Folsom Township128
Forada City185
8 Nolan, Rick Ford Township195
7 Peterson, Collin Forest City Township653
6 Emmer, Tom Forest Lake City18,375
8 Nolan, Rick Foreston City533
7 Peterson, Collin Forest Prairie Township972
Forest Township77
1 Walz, Tim Forest Township1,233
Forestville Township356
7 Peterson, Collin Fork Township10
Fortier Township99
8 Nolan, Rick Fort Ripley City69
Fort Ripley Township883
5 Ellison, Keith Fort Snelling Unorganized149
7 Peterson, Collin Fosston City1,527
Fossum Township156
Foster Township112
1 Walz, Tim Foster Township239
Fountain City410
7 Peterson, Collin Fountain Prairie Township188
1 Walz, Tim Fountain Township315
7 Peterson, Collin Foxhome City116
Foxhome Township103
1 Walz, Tim Fox Lake Township256
7 Peterson, Collin Framnas Township305
8 Nolan, Rick Franconia Township1,805
1 Walz, Tim Frankford Township371
7 Peterson, Collin Franklin City510
6 Emmer, Tom Franklin Township2,760
1 Walz, Tim Fraser Township304
7 Peterson, Collin Frazee City1,350
8 Nolan, Rick Fredenberg Township1,337
1 Walz, Tim Freeborn City297
Freeborn Township267
Freedom Township326
7 Peterson, Collin Freeland Township102
1 Walz, Tim Freeman Township496
7 Peterson, Collin Freeport City632
1 Walz, Tim Fremont Township355
6 Emmer, Tom French Lake Township1,172
8 Nolan, Rick French Township567
7 Peterson, Collin Friberg Township809
5 Ellison, Keith Fridley City27,208
7 Peterson, Collin Friendship Township192
8 Nolan, Rick Frohn Township1,433
1 Walz, Tim Frost City198
7 Peterson, Collin Fulda City1,318
8 Nolan, Rick Funkley City5
Gail Lake Township97
1 Walz, Tim Galena Township248
7 Peterson, Collin Gales Township137
1 Walz, Tim Garden City Township689
7 Peterson, Collin Garden Township212
Garfield City354
Garfield Township606
Garnes Township190
8 Nolan, Rick Garrison City210
Garrison Township754
7 Peterson, Collin Garvin City135
Gary City214
Gaylord City2,305
4 McCollum, Betty Gem Lake City393
1 Walz, Tim Geneva City555
Geneva Township421
7 Peterson, Collin Gennessee Township413
8 Nolan, Rick Genola City75
7 Peterson, Collin Gentilly Township280
Georgetown Township285
Germania Township500
Germantown Township86
1 Walz, Tim Germantown Township121
7 Peterson, Collin Gervais Township226
Getty Township376
8 Nolan, Rick Gheen Unorganized18
7 Peterson, Collin Ghent City370
Gibbon City772
8 Nolan, Rick Gilbert City1,799
7 Peterson, Collin Gilchrist Township194
2 Lewis, Jason Gillford Township572
6 Emmer, Tom Gilman City224
Gilmanton Township841
7 Peterson, Collin Girard Township731
2 Lewis, Jason Glasgow Township247
7 Peterson, Collin Glencoe City5,631
Glencoe Township495
6 Emmer, Tom Glendorado Township762
8 Nolan, Rick Glen Township450
1 Walz, Tim Glenville City643
7 Peterson, Collin Glenwood City2,564
Glenwood Township1,058
Glyndon City1,394
Glyndon Township278
8 Nolan, Rick Gnesen Township1,683
7 Peterson, Collin Godfrey Township313
5 Ellison, Keith Golden Valley City20,371
7 Peterson, Collin Golden Valley Township189
Gonvick City282
Good Hope Township43
8 Nolan, Rick Good Hope Township99
2 Lewis, Jason Goodhue City1,176
Goodhue Township525
8 Nolan, Rick Goodland Township466
7 Peterson, Collin Goodridge City132
Goodridge Township79
1 Walz, Tim Good Thunder City583
Goodview City4,036
7 Peterson, Collin Goose Prairie Township175
Gordon Township659
Gorman Township465
Gorton Township49
8 Nolan, Rick Gould Township224
7 Peterson, Collin Grace Township95
Graceville City577
Graceville Township197
Grafton Township238
1 Walz, Tim Graham Lakes Township218
6 Emmer, Tom Graham Township582
1 Walz, Tim Granada City303
Granby Township246
7 Peterson, Collin Grand Forks Township179
8 Nolan, Rick Grand Lake Township2,779
Grand Marais City1,350
1 Walz, Tim Grand Meadow City1,139
Grand Meadow Township306
7 Peterson, Collin Grand Plain Township55
8 Nolan, Rick Grand Portage Unorganized565
1 Walz, Tim Grand Prairie Township206
8 Nolan, Rick Grand Rapids City10,869
7 Peterson, Collin Grandview Township288
Grange Township203
Granite Falls City2,897
Granite Falls Township253
6 Emmer, Tom Granite Ledge Township743
7 Peterson, Collin Granite Rock Township225
8 Nolan, Rick Granite Township481
4 McCollum, Betty Grant City4,096
7 Peterson, Collin Grant Valley Township2,029
Granville Township83
8 Nolan, Rick Grass Lake Township1,038
Grasston City158
Grattan Township44
7 Peterson, Collin Gray Township225
Great Bend Township287
8 Nolan, Rick Great Scott Township392
7 Peterson, Collin Greenbush City719
8 Nolan, Rick Greenbush Township1,293
3 Paulsen, Erik Greenfield City2,777
2 Lewis, Jason Greenfield Township1,349
7 Peterson, Collin Green Isle City559
Green Isle Township524
Green Lake Township1,582
Greenleaf Township676
Green Meadow Township108
8 Nolan, Rick Green Prairie Township748
2 Lewis, Jason Greenvale Township803
7 Peterson, Collin Green Valley Township376
Greenwald City222
8 Nolan, Rick Greenway Township871
3 Paulsen, Erik Greenwood City688
7 Peterson, Collin Greenwood Township83
8 Nolan, Rick Greenwood Township939
7 Peterson, Collin Gregory Township74
2 Lewis, Jason Grey Cloud Island Township289
7 Peterson, Collin Grey Eagle City348
Grey Eagle Township638
Grimstad Township146
Grove City635
Grove Lake Township255
Grove Park-Tilden Township282
Grove Township493
Grygla City221
Gudrid Unorg219
Gully City66
Gully Township136
8 Nolan, Rick Guthrie Township555
Hackensack City313
7 Peterson, Collin Hadley City61
8 Nolan, Rick Hagali Township372
7 Peterson, Collin Hagen Township154
8 Nolan, Rick Halden Township129
7 Peterson, Collin Hale Township942
Hallock City981
Hallock Township104
Halma City61
Halstad City597
Halstad Township108
6 Emmer, Tom Hamburg City513
7 Peterson, Collin Hamden Township206
6 Emmer, Tom Ham Lake City15,296
7 Peterson, Collin Hamlin Township165
Hammer Township196
2 Lewis, Jason Hammond City132
7 Peterson, Collin Hammond Township44
Hampden Township38
2 Lewis, Jason Hampton City689
Hampton Township903
7 Peterson, Collin Hamre Township13
Hancock City765
6 Emmer, Tom Hancock Township345
7 Peterson, Collin Hangaard Township5
Hanley Falls City304
6 Emmer, Tom Hanover City2,938
1 Walz, Tim Hanska City402
7 Peterson, Collin Hansonville Township90
Hantho Township105
8 Nolan, Rick Harding City125
1 Walz, Tim Hardwick City198
Harmony City1,020
Harmony Township387
8 Nolan, Rick Harris City1,132
7 Peterson, Collin Harrison Township576
8 Nolan, Rick Harris Township3,253
7 Peterson, Collin Hartford Township662
8 Nolan, Rick Hart Lake Township509
1 Walz, Tim Hartland City315
Hartland Township256
Hart Township357
7 Peterson, Collin Harvey Township374
3 Paulsen, Erik Hassan Township2,600
7 Peterson, Collin Hassan Valley Township693
2 Lewis, Jason Hastings City22,172
7 Peterson, Collin Hatfield City54
8 Nolan, Rick Haugen Township178
1 Walz, Tim Havana Township570
7 Peterson, Collin Havelock Township181
6 Emmer, Tom Haven Township1,986
1 Walz, Tim Haverhill Township1,495
7 Peterson, Collin Hawk Creek Township201
Hawley City2,067
Hawley Township474
8 Nolan, Rick Hay Brook Township246
2 Lewis, Jason Hay Creek Township882
7 Peterson, Collin Hayes Township199
1 Walz, Tim Hayfield City1,340
Hayfield Township465
8 Nolan, Rick Hay Lake Unorganized83
Hayland Township501
1 Walz, Tim Hayward City250
Hayward Township381
7 Peterson, Collin Hazel Run City63
Hazel Run Township193
8 Nolan, Rick Hazelton Township844
7 Peterson, Collin Hazelton Township104
Hector City1,151
Hector Township226
Hegbert Township93
Hegne Township40
1 Walz, Tim Heidelberg City122
7 Peterson, Collin Heier Township143
Height of Land Township673
2 Lewis, Jason Helena Township1,648
7 Peterson, Collin Helen Township863
8 Nolan, Rick Helga Township1,401
7 Peterson, Collin Helgeland Township54
Henderson City886
Henderson Township728
Hendricks City713
8 Nolan, Rick Hendrickson Township314
7 Peterson, Collin Hendricks Township201
Hendrum City307
Hendrum Township95
Henning City802
Henning Township377
8 Nolan, Rick Henrietta Township1,642
Henriette City71
7 Peterson, Collin Henryville Township208
Hereim Township228
Herman City437
8 Nolan, Rick Hermantown Township9,414
1 Walz, Tim Heron Lake City698
Heron Lake Township333
Hersey Township219
7 Peterson, Collin Hewitt City266
8 Nolan, Rick Hibbing City16,361
7 Peterson, Collin Hickory Township80
Higdem Township84
1 Walz, Tim High Forest Township976
7 Peterson, Collin Highland Grove Township288
Highlanding Township194
2 Lewis, Jason Highland Township462
7 Peterson, Collin Highwater Township166
8 Nolan, Rick Hill City633
Hill Lake Township430
Hillman City38
Hillman Township641
7 Peterson, Collin Hill River Township157
1 Walz, Tim Hills City686
Hillsdale Township912
5 Ellison, Keith Hilltop City744
7 Peterson, Collin Hill Township15
8 Nolan, Rick Hinckley City1,800
Hinckley Township806
Hines Township689
Hiram Township316
7 Peterson, Collin Hitterdal City201
Hobart Township778
Hodges Township277
Hoffman City681
Hoff Township152
1 Walz, Tim Hokah City580
Hokah Township497
2 Lewis, Jason Holden Township454
6 Emmer, Tom Holdingford City708
Holding Township1,139
1 Walz, Tim Hollandale City303
7 Peterson, Collin Holland City187
Holland Township338
Holloway City92
Holly Township127
6 Emmer, Tom Hollywood Township1,041
7 Peterson, Collin Holmes City Township804
Holmesville Township505
Holst Township369
Holt City88
1 Walz, Tim Holt Township271
7 Peterson, Collin Holt Township132
Holy Cross Township140
8 Nolan, Rick Holyoke Township182
Home Brook Township255
7 Peterson, Collin Home Lake Township148
1 Walz, Tim Homer Township1,356
7 Peterson, Collin Homestead Township362
1 Walz, Tim Home Township545
7 Peterson, Collin Honner Township79
Hope Township272
5 Ellison, Keith Hopkins City17,591
8 Nolan, Rick Hornet Township232
7 Peterson, Collin Horton Township174
1 Walz, Tim Houston City979
Houston Township396
6 Emmer, Tom Howard Lake City1,962
8 Nolan, Rick Hoyt Lakes City2,017
Hubbard Township784
7 Peterson, Collin Hubbard Township75
Hudson Township876
6 Emmer, Tom Hugo City13,332
7 Peterson, Collin Humboldt City45
Humboldt Township275
8 Nolan, Rick Huntersville Township119
1 Walz, Tim Hunter Township224
7 Peterson, Collin Huntly Township77
Huntsville Township464
Huss Township120
Hutchinson City14,178
Hutchinson Township1,220
2 Lewis, Jason Hyde Park Township286
7 Peterson, Collin Ida Township1,228
8 Nolan, Rick Ideal Township1,069
Idun Township259
7 Peterson, Collin Ihlen City63
3 Paulsen, Erik Independence City3,504
1 Walz, Tim Indian Lake Township232
8 Nolan, Rick Industrial Township800
Inguadona Township190
7 Peterson, Collin Inman Township290
8 Nolan, Rick International Falls City6,424
2 Lewis, Jason Inver Grove Heights City33,880
7 Peterson, Collin Iona City137
Iona Township653
1 Walz, Tim Iosco Township550
8 Nolan, Rick Irondale Township1,134
Iron Junction City86
Iron Range Township289
Ironton City572
7 Peterson, Collin Irving Township906
8 Nolan, Rick Isanti City5,251
Isanti Township2,313
7 Peterson, Collin Island Lake Township408
8 Nolan, Rick Isle City751
Isle Harbor Township593
7 Peterson, Collin Itasca Township132
Ivanhoe City559
1 Walz, Tim Jackson City3,299
2 Lewis, Jason Jackson Township1,464
7 Peterson, Collin Jadis Township568
1 Walz, Tim Jamestown Township693
Janesville City2,256
Janesville Township513
8 Nolan, Rick Janette Lake Unorganized295
1 Walz, Tim Jasper City60
7 Peterson, Collin Jasper City573
1 Walz, Tim Jay Township237
7 Peterson, Collin Jeffers City369
1 Walz, Tim Jefferson Township129
8 Nolan, Rick Jenkins City430
Jenkins Township359
7 Peterson, Collin Jessenland Township444
8 Nolan, Rick Jevne Township322
Jewett Unorganized47
1 Walz, Tim Jo Daviess Township245
7 Peterson, Collin Johnson City29
Johnson Township51
Johnsonville Township152
Jones Township277
2 Lewis, Jason Jordan City5,470
1 Walz, Tim Jordan Township352
Judson Township554
7 Peterson, Collin Jupiter Township111
8 Nolan, Rick Kabetogema Township135
Kalevala Township327
1 Walz, Tim Kalmar Township1,046
8 Nolan, Rick Kanabec Township943
1 Walz, Tim Kanaranzi Township247
7 Peterson, Collin Kandiyohi City491
Kandiyohi Township636
Kandota Township729
Karlstad City760
1 Walz, Tim Kasota City675
Kasota Township1,581
Kasson City5,931
8 Nolan, Rick Kathio Township1,627
7 Peterson, Collin Keene Township155
8 Nolan, Rick Keewatin City1,068
Kego Township505
7 Peterson, Collin Kelliher City262
Kelliher Township130
2 Lewis, Jason Kellogg City456
8 Nolan, Rick Kelsey Township140
7 Peterson, Collin Kelso Township292
Kennedy City193
1 Walz, Tim Kenneth City68
7 Peterson, Collin Kensington City292
Kent City81
2 Lewis, Jason Kenyon City1,815
Kenyon Township393
7 Peterson, Collin Kerkhoven City759
Kerkhoven Township236
8 Nolan, Rick Kerrick City65
Kerrick Township325
7 Peterson, Collin Kertsonville Township94
8 Nolan, Rick Kettle River City180
Kettle River Township504
7 Peterson, Collin Keystone Township91
1 Walz, Tim Kiester City501
Kiester Township260
7 Peterson, Collin Kildare Township151
1 Walz, Tim Kilkenny City134
Kilkenny Township404
6 Emmer, Tom Kimball City762
1 Walz, Tim Kimball Township129
8 Nolan, Rick Kimberly Township195
1 Walz, Tim Kinbrae City12
8 Nolan, Rick Kinghurst Township106
7 Peterson, Collin Kingman Township201
Kingston City161
Kingston Township1,256
King Township219
8 Nolan, Rick Kinney City169
7 Peterson, Collin Kintire Township182
8 Nolan, Rick Knife Lake Township1,156
7 Peterson, Collin Knute Township519
Kragero Township125
Kragnes Township293
Krain Township981
Kratka Township131
8 Nolan, Rick Kroschel Township216
Kugler Township175
7 Peterson, Collin Kurtz Township293
Lac qui Parle Township178
1 Walz, Tim La Crescent City4,830
La Crescent Township1,446
La Crosse Township156
Lafayette City504
Lafayette Township694
7 Peterson, Collin La Garde Township162
La Grand Township4,210
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Alice Township93
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Andrew Township982
1 Walz, Tim Lake Belt Township189
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Benton City683
Lake Benton Township241
Lake Bronson City229
2 Lewis, Jason Lake City5,063
1 Walz, Tim Lake Crystal City2,549
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Edward Township2,085
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Elizabeth Township233
4 McCollum, Betty Lake Elmo City8,069
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Emma Township985
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Eunice Township1,538
1 Walz, Tim Lakefield City1,694
Lake Fremont Township162
7 Peterson, Collin Lake George Township335
8 Nolan, Rick Lake George Township378
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Grove Township189
1 Walz, Tim Lake Hanska Township339
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Hattie Township202
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Henry City103
Lake Henry Township278
Lake Ida Township160
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Jessie Township303
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Johanna Township139
4 McCollum, Betty Lakeland City1,796
Lakeland Shores City311
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Lillian City238
Lake Lillian Township190
Lake Marshall Township568
Lake Mary Township1,098
8 Nolan, Rick Lake No. 1 Unorganized154
Lake No. 2 Unorganized2,094
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Park City783
Lake Park Township481
Lake Pleasant Township103
8 Nolan, Rick Lakeport Township845
1 Walz, Tim Lake Prairie Township682
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Sarah Township393
8 Nolan, Rick Lake Shore City1,004
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Shore Township191
1 Walz, Tim Lakeside Township237
8 Nolan, Rick Lakeside Township463
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Stay Township156
4 McCollum, Betty Lake St. Croix Beach City1,051
2 Lewis, Jason Lake Township442
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Township2,090
3 Paulsen, Erik Laketown Township2,243
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Valley Township237
8 Nolan, Rick Lakeview Township179
7 Peterson, Collin Lake View Township1,685
2 Lewis, Jason Lakeville City55,954
7 Peterson, Collin Lake Wilson City251
8 Nolan, Rick Lakewood Township2,190
Lakin Township450
7 Peterson, Collin Lamberton City824
Lamberton Township193
Lambert Township129
Lammers Township592
Lancaster City340
4 McCollum, Betty Landfall City686
7 Peterson, Collin Land Township261
1 Walz, Tim Lanesboro City754
Lanesburgh Township2,035
7 Peterson, Collin Langhei Township177
6 Emmer, Tom Langola Township906
8 Nolan, Rick Langor Township213
1 Walz, Tim Lansing Township941
7 Peterson, Collin Laona Township543
8 Nolan, Rick Laporte City111
LaPrairie City665
7 Peterson, Collin La Prairie Township356
1 Walz, Tim Larkin Township188
La Salle City87
8 Nolan, Rick Lastrup City104
4 McCollum, Betty Lauderdale City2,379
8 Nolan, Rick Lavell Township303
Lawrence Township438
7 Peterson, Collin Lawrence Township84
Leaf Lake Township560
Leaf Mountain Township326
8 Nolan, Rick Leaf River Township531
7 Peterson, Collin Leaf Valley Township457
1 Walz, Tim Leavenworth Township287
Le Center City2,499
8 Nolan, Rick Leech Lake Township436
7 Peterson, Collin Leeds Township210
Leenthrop Township243
Lee Township179
8 Nolan, Rick Lee Township50
Leiding Township400
Leigh Township212
1 Walz, Tim Lemond Township501
7 Peterson, Collin Lengby City86
8 Nolan, Rick Lent Township3,091
7 Peterson, Collin Leonard City41
Leonardsville Township107
8 Nolan, Rick Leonidas City52
7 Peterson, Collin Leon Township345
2 Lewis, Jason Leon Township885
1 Walz, Tim Leota Township390
Le Ray Township746
Le Roy City929
Le Roy Township354
6 Emmer, Tom Le Sauk Township1,766
7 Peterson, Collin Leslie Township642
Lessor Township175
Lester Prairie City1,730
1 Walz, Tim Le Sueur City4,048
7 Peterson, Collin Leven Township499
1 Walz, Tim Lewiston City1,620
8 Nolan, Rick Lewis Township52
1 Walz, Tim Lewisville City250
6 Emmer, Tom Lexington City2,049
1 Walz, Tim Lexington Township707
8 Nolan, Rick Libby Township45
7 Peterson, Collin Liberty Township838
8 Nolan, Rick Liberty Township62
7 Peterson, Collin Lida Township757
Lien Township111
2 Lewis, Jason Lilydale City623
8 Nolan, Rick Lima Township101
7 Peterson, Collin Lime Lake Township181
Limestone Township136
1 Walz, Tim Lime Township1,395
Lincoln Township200
7 Peterson, Collin Lincoln Township117
8 Nolan, Rick Linden Grove Township145
1 Walz, Tim Linden Township295
8 Nolan, Rick Lindstrom City4,442
7 Peterson, Collin Lind Township56
6 Emmer, Tom Lino Lakes City20,216
7 Peterson, Collin Linsell Township29
6 Emmer, Tom Linwood Township5,123
7 Peterson, Collin Lisbon Township201
1 Walz, Tim Lismore City227
Lismore Township175
7 Peterson, Collin Litchfield City6,726
Litchfield Township832
4 McCollum, Betty Little Canada City9,773
7 Peterson, Collin Little Elbow Township259
Little Elk Township285
8 Nolan, Rick Little Falls City8,343
Little Falls Township1,682
Littlefork City647
Little Pine Township86
1 Walz, Tim Little Rock Township211
8 Nolan, Rick Little Sand Lake Unorganized349
7 Peterson, Collin Little Sauk Township829
6 Emmer, Tom Livonia Township5,951
7 Peterson, Collin Lockhart Township50
1 Walz, Tim Lodi Township270
7 Peterson, Collin Logan Township93
8 Nolan, Rick Logan Township184
1 Walz, Tim London Township315
8 Nolan, Rick Lone Pine Township410
7 Peterson, Collin Lone Tree Township199
Long Beach City335
3 Paulsen, Erik Long Lake City1,768
8 Nolan, Rick Long Lake Township1,036
1 Walz, Tim Long Lake Township338
7 Peterson, Collin Long Prairie City3,458
Long Prairie Township844
8 Nolan, Rick Longville City156
1 Walz, Tim Lonsdale City3,674
8 Nolan, Rick Loon Lake Township540
1 Walz, Tim Lorain Township297
3 Paulsen, Erik Loretto City650
7 Peterson, Collin Lost Long Lake Township43
Louisburg City47
2 Lewis, Jason Louisville Township1,266
7 Peterson, Collin Louisville Township187
Louriston Township165
Lowell Township298
Lower Red Lake Unorganized5,803
Lowry City299
Lowville Township169
Lucan City191
Lucas Township246
Lund Township325
1 Walz, Tim Lura Township163
8 Nolan, Rick Lutsen Township415
1 Walz, Tim Luverne City4,745
Luverne Township479
6 Emmer, Tom Luxemburg Township637
1 Walz, Tim Lyle City551
Lyle Township356
7 Peterson, Collin Lynd City448
6 Emmer, Tom Lynden Township1,938
7 Peterson, Collin Lynd Township423
Lynn Township550
8 Nolan, Rick Lyons Township192
7 Peterson, Collin Lyons Township199
1 Walz, Tim Lyra Township327
Mabel City780
7 Peterson, Collin Macsville Township114
8 Nolan, Rick Macville Township206
1 Walz, Tim Madelia City2,308
Madelia Township351
7 Peterson, Collin Madison City1,551
1 Walz, Tim Madison Lake City1,017
7 Peterson, Collin Madison Township216
1 Walz, Tim Magnolia City222
Magnolia Township212
7 Peterson, Collin Mahnomen City1,214
4 McCollum, Betty Mahtomedi City7,676
8 Nolan, Rick Mahtowa Township613
6 Emmer, Tom Maine Prairie Township1,887
7 Peterson, Collin Maine Township653
8 Nolan, Rick Makinen Unorg.1,310
Malmo Township337
7 Peterson, Collin Malta Township98
Malung Township438
Mamre Township385
Manannah Township604
1 Walz, Tim Manchester City57
Manchester Township424
7 Peterson, Collin Mandt Township152
Manfred Township99
8 Nolan, Rick Manhattan Beach City57
1 Walz, Tim Mankato City39,309
Mankato Township1,969
Mansfield Township237
7 Peterson, Collin Manston Township48
1 Walz, Tim Mantorville City1,197
Mantorville Township1,926
8 Nolan, Rick Mantrap Township519
1 Walz, Tim Manyaska Township306
3 Paulsen, Erik Maple Grove City61,567
7 Peterson, Collin Maple Grove Township455
8 Nolan, Rick Maple Grove Township774
6 Emmer, Tom Maple Lake City2,059
Maple Lake Township2,048
3 Paulsen, Erik Maple Plain City1,768
7 Peterson, Collin Maple Ridge Township104
8 Nolan, Rick Maple Ridge Township761
1 Walz, Tim Mapleton City1,756
Mapleton Township310
8 Nolan, Rick Maple Township377
1 Walz, Tim Mapleview City176
4 McCollum, Betty Maplewood City38,018
7 Peterson, Collin Maplewood Township318
8 Nolan, Rick Marble City701
7 Peterson, Collin Marble Township161
8 Nolan, Rick Marcell Township467
7 Peterson, Collin Marietta City162
6 Emmer, Tom Marine on St. Croix City689
1 Walz, Tim Marion Township3,653
7 Peterson, Collin Marshall City13,680
1 Walz, Tim Marshall Township361
2 Lewis, Jason Marshan Township1,106
7 Peterson, Collin Marsh Creek Township152
Marshfield Township242
Marsh Grove Township143
Martinsburg Township197
1 Walz, Tim Martin Township382
7 Peterson, Collin Marysland Township96
6 Emmer, Tom Marysville Township2,147
7 Peterson, Collin Mary Township83
Mason Township299
8 Nolan, Rick Max Township142
7 Peterson, Collin Maxwell Township179
6 Emmer, Tom Mayer City1,749
7 Peterson, Collin Mayfield Township51
6 Emmer, Tom Mayhew Lake Township831
7 Peterson, Collin Maynard City366
8 Nolan, Rick May Township852
6 Emmer, Tom May Township2,776
1 Walz, Tim Mayville Township409
6 Emmer, Tom Maywood Township954
2 Lewis, Jason Mazeppa City842
Mazeppa Township717
7 Peterson, Collin McCauleyville Township61
8 Nolan, Rick McCormack Lake Unorganized209
7 Peterson, Collin McCrea Township241
8 Nolan, Rick McDavitt Township459
7 Peterson, Collin McDonaldsville Township175
McDougald Unorg225
8 Nolan, Rick McGrath City80
McGregor City391
McGregor Township105
7 Peterson, Collin McIntosh City625
8 Nolan, Rick McKinley City128
7 Peterson, Collin McKinley Township38
8 Nolan, Rick McKinley Township133
1 Walz, Tim McPherson Township466
8 Nolan, Rick Meadow Brook Township226
Meadowlands City134
Meadowlands Township304
7 Peterson, Collin Meadows Township38
8 Nolan, Rick Meadow Township217
1 Walz, Tim Medford City1,239
Medford Township813
3 Paulsen, Erik Medicine Lake City371
Medina City4,892
1 Walz, Tim Medo Township364
7 Peterson, Collin Mehurin Township77
Meire Grove City179
Melrose City3,598
Melrose Township759
Melville Township225
8 Nolan, Rick Menahga City1,306
2 Lewis, Jason Mendota City198
Mendota Heights City11,071
7 Peterson, Collin Mentor City153
1 Walz, Tim Meriden Township621
Merton Township348
7 Peterson, Collin Mickinock Township301
Middle River City303
Middle River Township78
1 Walz, Tim Middletown Township227
6 Emmer, Tom Middleville Township937
1 Walz, Tim Midway Township219
8 Nolan, Rick Midway Township1,399
2 Lewis, Jason Miesville City125
8 Nolan, Rick Milaca City2,946
Milaca Township1,617
7 Peterson, Collin Milan City369
1 Walz, Tim Milford Township694
7 Peterson, Collin Millerville City106
Millerville Township338
2 Lewis, Jason Millville City182
8 Nolan, Rick Millward Township72
7 Peterson, Collin Millwood Township972
8 Nolan, Rick Milo Township1,385
7 Peterson, Collin Milroy City252
Miltona City424
Miltona Township806
1 Walz, Tim Milton Township734
6 Emmer, Tom Minden Township1,664
7 Peterson, Collin Minerva Township261
5 Ellison, Keith Minneapolis City382,578
2 Lewis, Jason Minneiska City61
1 Walz, Tim Minneiska City50
2 Lewis, Jason Minneiska Township185
Minneola Township629
7 Peterson, Collin Minneota City1,392
1 Walz, Tim Minneota Township259
Minnesota City204
7 Peterson, Collin Minnesota Falls Township429
1 Walz, Tim Minnesota Lake City687
Minnesota Lake Township190
3 Paulsen, Erik Minnetonka Beach City539
Minnetonka City49,734
Minnetrista City6,384
7 Peterson, Collin Minnewaska Township500
Minnie Township26
8 Nolan, Rick Mission Creek Township635
Mission Township817
7 Peterson, Collin Mitchell Township85
8 Nolan, Rick Mizpah City56
7 Peterson, Collin Moe Township784
Moland Township299
Moltke Township279
1 Walz, Tim Money Creek Township597
7 Peterson, Collin Monroe Township202
Monson Township133
Montevideo City5,383
1 Walz, Tim Montgomery City2,956
Montgomery Township665
6 Emmer, Tom Monticello City12,759
Monticello Township3,181
Montrose City2,847
7 Peterson, Collin Moonshine Township102
Moore Township243
Moorhead City38,065
Moorhead Township169
Moose Creek Township230
8 Nolan, Rick Moose Lake City2,751
Moose Lake Township1,398
Moose Park Township68
7 Peterson, Collin Moose River Township25
Moose Township114
8 Nolan, Rick Mora City3,571
7 Peterson, Collin Moran Township508
Moranville Township887
8 Nolan, Rick Morcom Township94
7 Peterson, Collin Morgan City896
Morgan Township257
Morken Township156
8 Nolan, Rick Morrill Township696
7 Peterson, Collin Morris City5,286
8 Nolan, Rick Morrison Township200
7 Peterson, Collin Morris Township396
1 Walz, Tim Morristown Township1,684
8 Nolan, Rick Morse Township1,828
7 Peterson, Collin Morton City411
1 Walz, Tim Moscow Township538
8 Nolan, Rick Motley City671
Motley Township202
7 Peterson, Collin Moulton Township206
3 Paulsen, Erik Mound City9,052
1 Walz, Tim Mound Prairie Township606
4 McCollum, Betty Mounds View City12,155
1 Walz, Tim Mound Township252
8 Nolan, Rick Mountain Iron City2,869
1 Walz, Tim Mountain Lake City2,104
Mountain Lake Township384
8 Nolan, Rick Mount Morris Township93
2 Lewis, Jason Mount Pleasant Township447
1 Walz, Tim Mount Vernon Township273
7 Peterson, Collin Moyer Township88
Moylan Township98
8 Nolan, Rick Mudgett Township84
1 Walz, Tim Mulligan Township218
8 Nolan, Rick Munch Township302
6 Emmer, Tom Munson Township778
7 Peterson, Collin Munson Township688
Murdock City278
Murray Township177
1 Walz, Tim Myrtle City48
7 Peterson, Collin Nashua City68
1 Walz, Tim Nashville Township195
8 Nolan, Rick Nashwauk City983
Nashwauk Township698
7 Peterson, Collin Nassau City72
8 Nolan, Rick Nebish Township290
7 Peterson, Collin Nelson City187
Nelson Park Township125
1 Walz, Tim Nelson Township287
7 Peterson, Collin Nereson Township58
2 Lewis, Jason Nerstrand City295
7 Peterson, Collin Nesbit Township99
8 Nolan, Rick Nessel Township1,951
Ness Township62
Nett Lake Unorganized420
1 Walz, Tim Nevada Township338
8 Nolan, Rick Nevis City390
Nevis Township1,009
7 Peterson, Collin New Auburn City456
New Auburn Township418
New Avon Township191
4 McCollum, Betty New Brighton City21,456
1 Walz, Tim Newburg Township379
8 Nolan, Rick New Dosey Township74
7 Peterson, Collin Newfolden City368
New Folden Township230
6 Emmer, Tom New Germany City372
1 Walz, Tim New Hartford Township890
New Haven Township1,184
5 Ellison, Keith New Hope City20,339
8 Nolan, Rick New Independence Township299
7 Peterson, Collin New London City1,251
New London Township2,943
New Maine Township199
2 Lewis, Jason New Market Township3,440
7 Peterson, Collin New Munich City320
4 McCollum, Betty Newport City3,435
1 Walz, Tim New Prague City3,041
2 Lewis, Jason New Prague City4,280
7 Peterson, Collin New Prairie Township197
1 Walz, Tim New Richland City1,203
New Richland Township443
Newry Township450
7 Peterson, Collin New Solum Township325
1 Walz, Tim New Sweden Township297
7 Peterson, Collin Newton Township746
2 Lewis, Jason New Trier City112
1 Walz, Tim New Ulm City13,522
7 Peterson, Collin New York Mills City1,199
8 Nolan, Rick Nickerson Township167
1 Walz, Tim Nicollet City1,093
Nicollet Township527
7 Peterson, Collin Nidaros Township322
Nielsville City90
Nilsen Township60
8 Nolan, Rick Nimrod City69
2 Lewis, Jason Nininger Township950
8 Nolan, Rick Nisswa City1,971
Nokay Lake Township830
7 Peterson, Collin Nora Township647
Norcross City70
Norden Township379
Nordick Township87
8 Nolan, Rick Nordland Township972
7 Peterson, Collin Nordland Township213
8 Nolan, Rick Nore Township57
7 Peterson, Collin Norfolk Township161
Normania Township191
8 Nolan, Rick Normanna Township796
7 Peterson, Collin Norman Township264
8 Nolan, Rick Norman Township248
7 Peterson, Collin North Beltrami Unorg35
8 Nolan, Rick North Branch City10,125
North Branch Township1,779
North Carlton Unorganized982
North Cass Unorganized264
North Central Cass Unorganized28
7 Peterson, Collin North Clearwater Unorganized87
8 Nolan, Rick Northeast Aitkin Unorg40
Northeast Itasca Unorganized1,382
Northeast St. Louis Unorg248
Northern Township4,302
7 Peterson, Collin Northern Township355
2 Lewis, Jason Northfield City20,007
Northfield Township842
7 Peterson, Collin North Fork Township247
8 Nolan, Rick North Germany Township313
7 Peterson, Collin North Hero Township161
8 Nolan, Rick Northland Township169
7 Peterson, Collin Northland Township160
1 Walz, Tim North Mankato City13,394
4 McCollum, Betty North Oaks City4,469
8 Nolan, Rick Northome City200
Northome Unorganized431
7 Peterson, Collin North Ottawa Township50
1 Walz, Tim Northrop City227
7 Peterson, Collin North Roseau Unorganized139
8 Nolan, Rick North Star Township190
1 Walz, Tim North Star Township287
4 McCollum, Betty North St. Paul City11,460
7 Peterson, Collin North Township708
8 Nolan, Rick Northwest Aitkin Unorganized313
7 Peterson, Collin Northwest Angle Unorg119
8 Nolan, Rick Northwest Koochiching Unorganized476
7 Peterson, Collin Northwest Roseau Unorganized25
8 Nolan, Rick Northwest St. Louis Unorg301
1 Walz, Tim Norton Township490
7 Peterson, Collin Norway Lake Township274
1 Walz, Tim Norway Township343
7 Peterson, Collin Norway Township91
Norwegian Grove Township300
6 Emmer, Tom Norwood Young America City3,549
Nowthen City4,443
7 Peterson, Collin Numedal Township90
1 Walz, Tim Nunda Township321
4 McCollum, Betty Oakdale City27,378
6 Emmer, Tom Oak Grove City8,031
7 Peterson, Collin Oakland Township295
1 Walz, Tim Oakland Township396
8 Nolan, Rick Oak Lawn Township1,792
4 McCollum, Betty Oak Park Heights City4,339
7 Peterson, Collin Oak Park Township131
Oakport Township1,797
Oak Township595
Oak Valley Township355
2 Lewis, Jason Oakwood Township405
8 Nolan, Rick O'Brien Township58
7 Peterson, Collin Odessa City135
Odessa Township132
1 Walz, Tim Odin City106
Odin Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Ogema City184
8 Nolan, Rick Ogema Township352
Ogilvie City369
1 Walz, Tim Okabena City188
7 Peterson, Collin Oklee City435
Olivia City2,484
1 Walz, Tim Olney Township205
7 Peterson, Collin Omro Township161
8 Nolan, Rick Onamia City878
Onamia Township575
7 Peterson, Collin Onstad Township71
Orange Township313
1 Walz, Tim Orion Township592
Ormsby City131
3 Paulsen, Erik Orono City7,437
1 Walz, Tim Oronoco City1,300
Oronoco Township2,220
8 Nolan, Rick Orr City267
6 Emmer, Tom Orrock Township3,451
8 Nolan, Rick Orton Township204
7 Peterson, Collin Ortonville City1,916
Ortonville Township97
Orwell Township170
Osage Township895
Osakis City1,740
Osakis Township595
Osborne Township286
Oscar Township207
Osceola Township158
1 Walz, Tim Oshawa Township502
7 Peterson, Collin Oshkosh Township210
Oslo City330
3 Paulsen, Erik Osseo City2,430
1 Walz, Tim Ostrander City254
8 Nolan, Rick Oteneagen Township310
1 Walz, Tim Otisco Township599
7 Peterson, Collin Otrey Township87
6 Emmer, Tom Otsego City13,571
1 Walz, Tim Ottawa Township283
7 Peterson, Collin Ottertail City572
8 Nolan, Rick Otter Tail Peninsula Township54
7 Peterson, Collin Otter Tail Township491
Otto Township554
1 Walz, Tim Owatonna City25,599
Owatonna Township609
8 Nolan, Rick Owens Township263
Oxford Township888
7 Peterson, Collin Paddock Township346
8 Nolan, Rick Page Township743
Palisade City167
6 Emmer, Tom Palmer Township2,354
7 Peterson, Collin Palmville Township39
Palmyra Township179
Parkers Prairie City1,011
Parkers Prairie Township348
8 Nolan, Rick Parker Township474
7 Peterson, Collin Parker Township35
Parke Township485
8 Nolan, Rick Park Rapids City3,709
Park Township37
7 Peterson, Collin Parnell Township121
8 Nolan, Rick Partridge Township639
7 Peterson, Collin Paxton Township555
Paynesville City2,432
Paynesville Township1,421
8 Nolan, Rick Peace Township939
Pease City242
7 Peterson, Collin Peatland Unorg.9
Pelan Township45
Pelican Lake Township450
Pelican Rapids City2,464
8 Nolan, Rick Pelican Township446
7 Peterson, Collin Pelican Township625
1 Walz, Tim Pemberton City247
7 Peterson, Collin Pembina Township707
Pennock City508
Penn Township315
2 Lewis, Jason Pepin Township378
7 Peterson, Collin Pepperton Township134
8 Nolan, Rick Pequaywan Township130
Pequot Lakes City2,162
Perch Lake Township1,046
7 Peterson, Collin Percy Township31
Perham City2,985
Perham Township827
Perley City92
8 Nolan, Rick Perry Lake Township302
7 Peterson, Collin Perry Township101
1 Walz, Tim Petersburg Township232
Peterson City199
Pickerel Lake Township673
8 Nolan, Rick Pierz City1,393
Pierz Township535
Pike Bay Township1,610
Pike Creek Township953
Pike Township417
Pillager City469
7 Peterson, Collin Pillsbury Township254
1 Walz, Tim Pilot Grove Township156
Pilot Mound Township338
8 Nolan, Rick Pine City3,123
Pine City Township1,394
2 Lewis, Jason Pine Island City2,560
1 Walz, Tim Pine Island City703
2 Lewis, Jason Pine Island Township551
8 Nolan, Rick Pine Lake Township790
7 Peterson, Collin Pine Lake Township1,053
Pine Point Township400
8 Nolan, Rick Pine River City944
Pine River Township1,156
4 McCollum, Betty Pine Springs City408
7 Peterson, Collin Pipestone City4,317
2 Lewis, Jason Plainview City3,340
Plainview Township443
7 Peterson, Collin Plato City320
8 Nolan, Rick Platte Lake Township414
Platte Township357
1 Walz, Tim Pleasant Grove Township806
Pleasant Hill Township531
Pleasant Mound Township214
Pleasant Prairie Township243
Pleasant Valley Township304
7 Peterson, Collin Pleasant View Township108
8 Nolan, Rick Pliny Township109
7 Peterson, Collin Plummer City292
3 Paulsen, Erik Plymouth City70,576
7 Peterson, Collin Pohlitz Township34
8 Nolan, Rick Pokegama Township2,743
7 Peterson, Collin Polk Centre Township87
Polonia Township34
Pomme de Terre Township133
8 Nolan, Rick Pomroy Township464
Ponto Lake Township481
7 Peterson, Collin Poplar Grove Township82
Poplar River Township107
8 Nolan, Rick Poplar Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Popple Grove Township139
Poppleton Township120
Popple Township526
8 Nolan, Rick Portage Township170
7 Peterson, Collin Porter City183
8 Nolan, Rick Port Hope Township673
7 Peterson, Collin Posen Township219
8 Nolan, Rick Potshot Lake Unorganized74
Powers Township715
Prairie Lake Township50
7 Peterson, Collin Prairie View Township196
1 Walz, Tim Prairieville Township255
Preble Township209
Prescott Township163
Preston City1,325
7 Peterson, Collin Preston Lake Township271
1 Walz, Tim Preston Township359
6 Emmer, Tom Princeton City50
8 Nolan, Rick Princeton City4,648
Princeton Township2,256
7 Peterson, Collin Prinsburg City497
2 Lewis, Jason Prior Lake City22,796
7 Peterson, Collin Prior Township247
8 Nolan, Rick Proctor City3,057
7 Peterson, Collin Providence Township169
8 Nolan, Rick Pulaski Township300
Quamba City123
7 Peterson, Collin Queen Township214
1 Walz, Tim Quincy Township339
8 Nolan, Rick Quiring Township70
Rabbit Lake Township319
1 Walz, Tim Racine City442
Racine Township455
8 Nolan, Rick Rainy Lake Unorganized3,810
6 Emmer, Tom Ramsey City23,668
8 Nolan, Rick Randall City650
2 Lewis, Jason Randolph City436
Randolph Township659
8 Nolan, Rick Ranier City145
1 Walz, Tim Ransom Township230
Rapidan Township1,101
2 Lewis, Jason Ravenna Township2,336
7 Peterson, Collin Raymond City764
Raymond Township259
8 Nolan, Rick Red Eye Township490
7 Peterson, Collin Red Lake Falls City1,427
Red Lake Falls Township201
Redpath Township48
1 Walz, Tim Red Rock Township747
2 Lewis, Jason Red Wing City16,459
7 Peterson, Collin Redwood Falls City5,254
Redwood Falls Township181
Regal City34
Reiner Township87
Reine Township94
Reis Township79
8 Nolan, Rick Remer City370
Remer Township189
7 Peterson, Collin Rendsville Township161
Reno Township397
Renville City1,287
Revere City95
Reynolds Township662
Rheiderland Township269
Rhinehart Township139
6 Emmer, Tom Rice City1,275
8 Nolan, Rick Rice Lake Township4,095
1 Walz, Tim Riceland Township434
8 Nolan, Rick Rice River Township136
7 Peterson, Collin Rice Township158
Riceville Township83
8 Nolan, Rick Richardson Township536
7 Peterson, Collin Richardville Township102
5 Ellison, Keith Richfield City35,228
2 Lewis, Jason Richland Township416
6 Emmer, Tom Richmond City1,422
1 Walz, Tim Richmond Township699
7 Peterson, Collin Rich Valley Township694
Richville City96
Richwood Township662
1 Walz, Tim Ridgely Township115
8 Nolan, Rick Ripley Township729
1 Walz, Tim Ripley Township195
Riverdale Township294
7 Peterson, Collin River Falls Township178
Riverside Township310
8 Nolan, Rick Riverton City117
7 Peterson, Collin Riverton Township446
River Township65
5 Ellison, Keith Robbinsdale City13,953
7 Peterson, Collin Roberts Township110
1 Walz, Tim Rochester City106,769
Rochester Township1,629
8 Nolan, Rick Rock Creek City1,628
1 Walz, Tim Rock Dell Township647
6 Emmer, Tom Rockford City4,316
Rockford Township3,194
7 Peterson, Collin Rock Lake Township265
Rocksbury Township1,211
Rock Township182
6 Emmer, Tom Rockville City2,448
7 Peterson, Collin Rockwell Township61
8 Nolan, Rick Rockwood Township820
3 Paulsen, Erik Rogers City8,597
8 Nolan, Rick Rogers Township63
7 Peterson, Collin Rolling Forks Township151
1 Walz, Tim Rolling Green Township266
Rollingstone City664
Rollingstone Township701
7 Peterson, Collin Rollis Township115
1 Walz, Tim Rome Township143
7 Peterson, Collin Roome Township177
Roosevelt City151
8 Nolan, Rick Roosevelt Township601
7 Peterson, Collin Roosevelt Township225
Roscoe City102
2 Lewis, Jason Roscoe Township732
7 Peterson, Collin Roseau City2,633
Rosebud Township351
1 Walz, Tim Rose Creek City394
7 Peterson, Collin Rosedale Township135
1 Walz, Tim Rose Dell Township216
7 Peterson, Collin Rose Hill Township166
Roseland Township371
2 Lewis, Jason Rosemount City21,874
1 Walz, Tim Rosendale Township300
4 McCollum, Betty Roseville City33,660
7 Peterson, Collin Roseville Township746
Rosewood Township348
8 Nolan, Rick Rosing Township146
Ross Lake Township165
7 Peterson, Collin Ross Township429
1 Walz, Tim Rost Township211
7 Peterson, Collin Rothsay City493
Round Grove Township251
1 Walz, Tim Round Lake City376
7 Peterson, Collin Round Lake Township183
1 Walz, Tim Round Lake Township166
7 Peterson, Collin Round Prairie Township706
6 Emmer, Tom Royalton City3
8 Nolan, Rick Royalton City1,239
Royalton Township1,163
7 Peterson, Collin Royal Township189
Runeberg Township486
8 Nolan, Rick Rush City3,079
1 Walz, Tim Rushford City1,731
Rushford Village City807
7 Peterson, Collin Rush Lake Township970
1 Walz, Tim Rushmore City342
8 Nolan, Rick Rushseba Township804
7 Peterson, Collin Russell City338
Russia Township27
Ruthton City241
1 Walz, Tim Rutland City437
8 Nolan, Rick Rutledge City229
7 Peterson, Collin Sabin City522
Sacred Heart City548
Sacred Heart Township270
8 Nolan, Rick Sago Township176
1 Walz, Tim Salem Township1,086
8 Nolan, Rick Salem Township95
Salo Township102
7 Peterson, Collin Sanborn City339
2 Lewis, Jason Sand Creek Township1,521
7 Peterson, Collin Sanders Township298
8 Nolan, Rick Sand Lake Township146
Sand Lake Unorganized1,066
7 Peterson, Collin Sandnes Township199
8 Nolan, Rick Sandstone City2,849
Sandstone Township824
7 Peterson, Collin Sandsville Township67
8 Nolan, Rick Sandy Township356
7 Peterson, Collin Sanford Township153
6 Emmer, Tom San Francisco Township832
Santiago Township1,895
1 Walz, Tim Saratoga Township618
Sargeant City61
Sargeant Township310
6 Emmer, Tom Sartell City15,876
7 Peterson, Collin Sauk Centre City4,317
Sauk Centre Township1,088
6 Emmer, Tom Sauk Rapids City12,773
Sauk Rapids Township584
2 Lewis, Jason Savage City26,911
7 Peterson, Collin Savannah Township163
Scambler Township476
6 Emmer, Tom Scandia City3,936
7 Peterson, Collin Scandia Township74
8 Nolan, Rick Scandia Valley Township1,191
Scanlon City991
Schoolcraft Township103
Schroeder Township205
2 Lewis, Jason Sciota Township414
7 Peterson, Collin Scott Township144
Seaforth City86
8 Nolan, Rick Seavey Township61
Sebeka City711
Second Assessment Unorg Terr117
7 Peterson, Collin Sedan City45
1 Walz, Tim Seely Township193
Selma Township193
7 Peterson, Collin Severance Township253
1 Walz, Tim Seward Township208
8 Nolan, Rick Shafer City1,045
Shafer Towship1,048
2 Lewis, Jason Shakopee City37,076
8 Nolan, Rick Shamrock Township1,272
7 Peterson, Collin Shaokatan Township178
1 Walz, Tim Sharon Township636
7 Peterson, Collin Shelburne Township178
1 Walz, Tim Shelby Township265
Sheldon Township266
7 Peterson, Collin Shell Lake Township293
8 Nolan, Rick Shell River Township233
1 Walz, Tim Shell Rock Township427
7 Peterson, Collin Shelly City191
Shelly Township115
1 Walz, Tim Sherburn City1,137
7 Peterson, Collin Sheridan Township197
Sherman Township370
Shetek Township296
Shevlin City176
Shevlin Township452
Shible Township124
1 Walz, Tim Shieldsville Township1,137
8 Nolan, Rick Shingobee Township1,514
Shooks Township189
4 McCollum, Betty Shoreview City25,043
3 Paulsen, Erik Shorewood City7,307
7 Peterson, Collin Shotley Brook Unorg25
Shotley Township35
Sibley Township255
1 Walz, Tim Sigel Township344
8 Nolan, Rick Silver Bay City1,887
Silver Brook Township648
Silver Creek Township1,138
6 Emmer, Tom Silver Creek Township2,335
7 Peterson, Collin Silver Lake City837
1 Walz, Tim Silver Lake Township519
7 Peterson, Collin Silver Leaf Township534
Silverton Township187
8 Nolan, Rick Silver Township457
7 Peterson, Collin Sinclair Township164
Sinnott Township24
Sioux Agency Township226
1 Walz, Tim Sioux Valley Township192
7 Peterson, Collin Six Mile Grove Township171
Skagen Township235
Skandia Township172
Skane Township46
8 Nolan, Rick Skelton Township414
7 Peterson, Collin Skree Township159
1 Walz, Tim Skyline City289
8 Nolan, Rick Slater Township215
7 Peterson, Collin Slayton City2,153
Slayton Township295
1 Walz, Tim Sleepy Eye City3,599
7 Peterson, Collin Sletten Township177
Smiley Township580
8 Nolan, Rick Smoky Hollow Township70
Sobieski City195
7 Peterson, Collin Sodus Township283
Solem Township233
Soler Township95
Solway City96
8 Nolan, Rick Solway Township1,944
1 Walz, Tim Somerset Township732
South Bend Township1,682
South Branch Township282
7 Peterson, Collin Southbrook Township79
South Clearwater Unorganized10
Southeast Roseau Unorg Terr231
8 Nolan, Rick South Fork Township789
South Harbor Township800
6 Emmer, Tom South Haven City187
8 Nolan, Rick South Koochiching Unorganized190
7 Peterson, Collin South Red River Township19
6 Emmer, Tom Southside Township1,521
2 Lewis, Jason South St. Paul City20,160
8 Nolan, Rick Spalding Township329
Spang Township264
7 Peterson, Collin Sparta Township748
8 Nolan, Rick Spencer Brook Township1,589
Spencer Township518
7 Peterson, Collin Spicer City1,167
8 Nolan, Rick Splithand Township250
Split Rock Township166
7 Peterson, Collin Spring Brook Township52
Spring Creek Township195
Springdale Township217
1 Walz, Tim Springfield City2,152
7 Peterson, Collin Springfield Township120
1 Walz, Tim Spring Grove City1,330
Spring Grove Township402
7 Peterson, Collin Spring Hill City89
Spring Hill Township364
4 McCollum, Betty Spring Lake Park City178
5 Ellison, Keith Spring Lake Park City6,234
2 Lewis, Jason Spring Lake Township3,631
3 Paulsen, Erik Spring Park City1,669
7 Peterson, Collin Spring Prairie Township368
8 Nolan, Rick Springvale Township1,447
1 Walz, Tim Spring Valley City2,479
Spring Valley Township518
Springwater Township252
7 Peterson, Collin Spruce Grove Township460
Spruce Hill Township441
Spruce Township573
Spruce Valley Township242
8 Nolan, Rick Squaw Lake City107
Stacy City1,456
7 Peterson, Collin Stafford Township284
8 Nolan, Rick Stanchfield Township1,209
Stanford Township2,267
7 Peterson, Collin Stanley Township238
5 Ellison, Keith St. Anthony City8,226
7 Peterson, Collin St. Anthony City86
2 Lewis, Jason Stanton Township1,130
8 Nolan, Rick Staples City871
7 Peterson, Collin Staples City2,110
Staples Township627
Starbuck City1,302
1 Walz, Tim Stark Township348
7 Peterson, Collin Star Lake Township415
Star Township120
1 Walz, Tim Stately Township165
6 Emmer, Tom St. Augusta City3,317
3 Paulsen, Erik St. Bonifacius City2,283
1 Walz, Tim St. Charles City3,735
St. Charles Township629
St. Clair City868
6 Emmer, Tom St. Cloud City65,842
8 Nolan, Rick Steamboat River Township126
1 Walz, Tim Steen City180
7 Peterson, Collin Steenerson Township23
Stephen City658
1 Walz, Tim Sterling Township296
7 Peterson, Collin Stevens Township77
Stewart City571
1 Walz, Tim Stewartville City5,916
6 Emmer, Tom St. Francis City7,218
St. George Township1,153
7 Peterson, Collin St. Hilaire City279
4 McCollum, Betty Stillwater City18,225
Stillwater Township2,366
1 Walz, Tim St. James City4,605
St. James Township260
7 Peterson, Collin St. Johns Township411
6 Emmer, Tom St. Joseph City6,534
7 Peterson, Collin St. Joseph Township56
6 Emmer, Tom St. Joseph Township1,924
2 Lewis, Jason St. Lawrence Township483
7 Peterson, Collin St. Leo City100
5 Ellison, Keith St. Louis Park City45,250
7 Peterson, Collin St. Martin City308
St. Martin Township545
4 McCollum, Betty St. Marys Point City368
1 Walz, Tim St. Mary Township460
8 Nolan, Rick St. Mathias Township622
6 Emmer, Tom St. Michael City16,399
Stockholm Township959
1 Walz, Tim Stockton City697
8 Nolan, Rick Stokes Township230
7 Peterson, Collin Stokes Township215
St. Olaf Township352
Stoneham Township241
8 Nolan, Rick Stoney Brook Township332
7 Peterson, Collin Stony Brook Township133
8 Nolan, Rick Stony River Township173
7 Peterson, Collin Stony Run Township432
Storden City219
Storden Township165
Stowe Prairie Township454
4 McCollum, Betty St. Paul City285,068
St. Paul Park City286
2 Lewis, Jason St. Paul Park City4,993
1 Walz, Tim St. Peter City11,196
8 Nolan, Rick Straight River Township726
7 Peterson, Collin Strandquist City69
Strand Township99
Strathcona City44
St. Rosa City68
6 Emmer, Tom St. Stephen City851
8 Nolan, Rick Sturgeon Lake City439
Sturgeon Lake Township508
Sturgeon Township140
7 Peterson, Collin St. Vincent City64
St. Vincent Township58
6 Emmer, Tom St. Wendel Township2,150
7 Peterson, Collin Sugar Bush Township504
8 Nolan, Rick Sugar Bush Township247
7 Peterson, Collin Sullivan Township173
1 Walz, Tim Summit Lake Township323
8 Nolan, Rick Summit Township251
1 Walz, Tim Summit Township466
Sumner Township458
7 Peterson, Collin Sumter Township535
Sunburg City100
Sundal Township157
Sundown Township185
2 Lewis, Jason Sunfish Lake City521
7 Peterson, Collin Sunnyside Township136
8 Nolan, Rick Sunrise Township1,994
7 Peterson, Collin Svea Township49
Sverdrup Township621
Swan Lake Township194
8 Nolan, Rick Swan River Township743
Swanville City348
7 Peterson, Collin Swanville City2
8 Nolan, Rick Swanville Township517
7 Peterson, Collin Swede Grove Township400
Swede Prairie Township170
Swedes Forest Township121
Sweet Township324
Swenoda Township140
8 Nolan, Rick Sylvan Township2,702
7 Peterson, Collin Synnes Township118
Tabor Township113
8 Nolan, Rick Taconite City360
Tamarack City94
7 Peterson, Collin Tamarac Township71
Tanberg Township69
Tansem Township259
1 Walz, Tim Taopi City58
7 Peterson, Collin Tara Township180
Taunton City139
8 Nolan, Rick Taylors Falls City976
7 Peterson, Collin Taylor Township105
8 Nolan, Rick Taylor Township104
7 Peterson, Collin Tegner Township48
Teien Township73
1 Walz, Tim Tenhassen Township260
8 Nolan, Rick Ten Lake Township1,026
7 Peterson, Collin Ten Mile Lake Township153
Tenney City5
8 Nolan, Rick Tenstrike City201
7 Peterson, Collin Terrebonne Township147
Thief Lake Township39
Thief River Falls City8,573
8 Nolan, Rick Third River Township50
Thomastown Township819
7 Peterson, Collin Thompson Township152
8 Nolan, Rick Thomson City159
Thomson Township5,003
Thorpe Township49
7 Peterson, Collin Three Lakes Township194
8 Nolan, Rick Thunder Lake Township272
Timothy Township162
7 Peterson, Collin Tintah City63
Tintah Township33
Toad Lake Township539
8 Nolan, Rick Todd Township1,393
Tofte Township249
Toivola Township170
3 Paulsen, Erik Tonka Bay City1,475
7 Peterson, Collin Toqua Township53
Tordenskjold Township551
Torning Township440
8 Nolan, Rick Torrey Township155
Tower City500
7 Peterson, Collin Tracy City2,163
Trail City46
Transit Township276
1 Walz, Tim Traverse Township334
8 Nolan, Rick Trelipe Township150
1 Walz, Tim Trimont City747
8 Nolan, Rick Trommald City98
7 Peterson, Collin Trondhjem Township192
Trosky City86
8 Nolan, Rick Trout Lake Township1,087
7 Peterson, Collin Troy Township573
1 Walz, Tim Truman City1,115
7 Peterson, Collin Tumuli Township449
Tunsberg Township208
8 Nolan, Rick Turner Township208
7 Peterson, Collin Turtle Creek Township295
8 Nolan, Rick Turtle Lake Township1,878
Turtle River City77
Turtle River Township1,085
1 Walz, Tim Twin Lakes City151
7 Peterson, Collin Twin Lakes Township818
8 Nolan, Rick Twin Lakes Township2,108
7 Peterson, Collin Twin Valley City821
8 Nolan, Rick Two Harbors City3,745
7 Peterson, Collin Two Inlets Township213
8 Nolan, Rick Two Rivers Township689
7 Peterson, Collin Tyler City1,143
Tynsid Township64
1 Walz, Tim Tyrone Township562
7 Peterson, Collin Tyro Township181
1 Walz, Tim Udolpho Township448
7 Peterson, Collin Ulen City547
Ulen Township174
Underwood City341
Underwood Township206
Union Grove Township633
1 Walz, Tim Union Township370
8 Nolan, Rick Upsala City427
7 Peterson, Collin Urbank City54
Urness Township243
1 Walz, Tim Utica City291
Utica Township639
4 McCollum, Betty Vadnais Heights City12,302
7 Peterson, Collin Vail Township229
Vallers Township214
Valley Township149
8 Nolan, Rick Van Buren Township189
2 Lewis, Jason Vasa Township910
7 Peterson, Collin Vega Township125
Veldt Township30
Verdi Township206
8 Nolan, Rick Verdon Township45
7 Peterson, Collin Vergas City331
8 Nolan, Rick Vermilion Lake Township278
2 Lewis, Jason Vermillion City419
Vermillion Township1,192
8 Nolan, Rick Verndale City602
1 Walz, Tim Vernon Center City332
Vernon Center Township262
Vernon Township665
Verona Township364
7 Peterson, Collin Vesta City319
Vesta Township192
3 Paulsen, Erik Victoria City7,345
6 Emmer, Tom Victor Township1,032
7 Peterson, Collin Viding Township103
1 Walz, Tim Vienna Township156
7 Peterson, Collin Viking City104
Viking Township156
Villard City254
Villard Township656
Vineland Township87
Vining City78
1 Walz, Tim Viola Township589
8 Nolan, Rick Virginia City8,712
1 Walz, Tim Vivian Township259
8 Nolan, Rick Waasa Township249
Wabana Township537
7 Peterson, Collin Wabanica Unorg301
2 Lewis, Jason Wabasha City2,521
7 Peterson, Collin Wabasso City696
8 Nolan, Rick Wabedo Township341
6 Emmer, Tom Waconia City10,697
Waconia Township1,228
2 Lewis, Jason Wacouta Township386
7 Peterson, Collin Wadena City66
8 Nolan, Rick Wadena City4,022
Wadena Township868
Wagner Township332
Wahkon City206
Wahnena Unorganized180
6 Emmer, Tom Waite Park City6,715
Wakefield Township2,756
1 Walz, Tim Walcott Township953
8 Nolan, Rick Walden Township500
7 Peterson, Collin Walden Township169
1 Walz, Tim Waldorf City229
8 Nolan, Rick Walker City941
7 Peterson, Collin Walls Township65
Walnut Grove City871
1 Walz, Tim Walnut Lake Township214
Walters City73
7 Peterson, Collin Walter Township148
1 Walz, Tim Waltham City151
Waltham Township339
7 Peterson, Collin Walworth Township87
2 Lewis, Jason Wanamingo City1,086
Wanamingo Township456
7 Peterson, Collin Wanda City84
Wanger Township75
Wang Township249
8 Nolan, Rick Warba City181
7 Peterson, Collin Ward Township447
Warren City1,563
Warrenton Township103
1 Walz, Tim Warren Township651
7 Peterson, Collin Warroad City1,781
1 Walz, Tim Warsaw Township1,320
2 Lewis, Jason Warsaw Township607
1 Walz, Tim Waseca City9,410
7 Peterson, Collin Washington Lake Township498
1 Walz, Tim Washington Township715
Wasioja Township914
7 Peterson, Collin Waskish Township118
6 Emmer, Tom Watab Township3,093
7 Peterson, Collin Waterbury Township196
2 Lewis, Jason Waterford Township497
6 Emmer, Tom Watertown City4,205
Watertown Township1,204
1 Walz, Tim Waterville City1,868
Waterville Township716
7 Peterson, Collin Watkins City962
2 Lewis, Jason Watopa Township247
7 Peterson, Collin Watson City205
Waubun City400
8 Nolan, Rick Waukenabo Township316
7 Peterson, Collin Waukon Township114
6 Emmer, Tom Waverly City1,357
1 Walz, Tim Waverly Township208
8 Nolan, Rick Wawina Township77
3 Paulsen, Erik Wayzata City3,688
8 Nolan, Rick Wealthwood Township268
2 Lewis, Jason Webster Township928
1 Walz, Tim Webster Township840
Weimer Township142
2 Lewis, Jason Welch Township754
1 Walz, Tim Welcome City686
7 Peterson, Collin Wellington Township185
1 Walz, Tim Wells City2,343
Wells Township1,594
7 Peterson, Collin Wendell City167
Wergeland Township153
2 Lewis, Jason West Albany Township398
7 Peterson, Collin West Bank Township150
Westbrook City739
Westbrook Township216
1 Walz, Tim West Concord City782
8 Nolan, Rick West Cook Unorganized1,756
7 Peterson, Collin Westerheim Township235
Western Township129
1 Walz, Tim Westfield Township451
Westford Township295
West Heron Lake Township181
4 McCollum, Betty West Lakeland Township4,046
7 Peterson, Collin Westline Township178
1 Walz, Tim West Newton Township423
7 Peterson, Collin Westport City57
Westport Township278
1 Walz, Tim Westside Township218
2 Lewis, Jason West St. Paul City19,540
7 Peterson, Collin West Union City111
West Union Township268
West Valley Township132
1 Walz, Tim Whalan City63
Wheatland Township1,237
7 Peterson, Collin Wheaton City1,424
Wheeler Unorg281
2 Lewis, Jason Wheeling Township551
4 McCollum, Betty White Bear Lake City23,797
7 Peterson, Collin White Bear Lake Township431
4 McCollum, Betty White Bear Township10,949
8 Nolan, Rick Whited Township926
7 Peterson, Collin White Earth Township828
8 Nolan, Rick Whiteface Reservoir Unorganized473
7 Peterson, Collin Whitefield Township525
Whiteford Township44
8 Nolan, Rick White Oak Township475
White Pine Township34
White Township1,547
1 Walz, Tim Whitewater Township198
Wilder City60
7 Peterson, Collin Wild Rice Township256
8 Nolan, Rick Wildwood Township193
Wilkinson Township401
4 McCollum, Betty Willernie City507
7 Peterson, Collin Williams City191
8 Nolan, Rick Williams Township144
7 Peterson, Collin Willmar City19,610
Willmar Township513
Willow Lake Township222
8 Nolan, Rick Willow River City415
Willow Valley Township126
Wilma Township65
1 Walz, Tim Wilmington Township434
Wilmont City339
Wilmont Township184
8 Nolan, Rick Wilson Township645
1 Walz, Tim Wilson Township1,177
7 Peterson, Collin Wilton City204
1 Walz, Tim Wilton Township365
7 Peterson, Collin Winchester Township56
8 Nolan, Rick Windemere Township1,711
7 Peterson, Collin Windom City4,646
1 Walz, Tim Windom Township606
7 Peterson, Collin Windsor Township66
Winfield Township224
Winger City220
Winger Township206
8 Nolan, Rick Wing River Township468
1 Walz, Tim Winnebago City1,437
Winnebago City Township201
Winnebago Township240
Winona City27,592
7 Peterson, Collin Winsor Township90
Winsted City2,355
Winsted Township968
Winthrop City1,399
8 Nolan, Rick Winton City172
Wirt Township106
1 Walz, Tim Wisconsin Township233
Wiscoy Township361
7 Peterson, Collin Wolf Lake City57
Wolf Lake Township242
8 Nolan, Rick Wolford Township379
7 Peterson, Collin Wolverton City142
Wolverton Township128
4 McCollum, Betty Woodbury City61,961
7 Peterson, Collin Wood Lake City439
Wood Lake Township231
3 Paulsen, Erik Woodland City437
6 Emmer, Tom Woodland Township1,082
8 Nolan, Rick Woodrow Township611
7 Peterson, Collin Woodrow Township73
Woodside Township782
Woodstock City124
Woods Township227
1 Walz, Tim Woodville Township1,332
8 Nolan, Rick Workman Township207
1 Walz, Tim Worthington City12,764
Worthington Township328
8 Nolan, Rick Wrenshall City399
Wrenshall Township382
Wright City127
7 Peterson, Collin Wright Township116
8 Nolan, Rick Wuori Township572
7 Peterson, Collin Wyandotte Township130
8 Nolan, Rick Wyanett Township1,729
7 Peterson, Collin Wykeham Township409
1 Walz, Tim Wykoff City444
7 Peterson, Collin Wylie Township65
8 Nolan, Rick Wyoming City7,791
7 Peterson, Collin Yellow Bank Township159
1 Walz, Tim York Township368
6 Emmer, Tom Young America Township715
1 Walz, Tim Yucatan Township323
8 Nolan, Rick Zemple City93
6 Emmer, Tom Zimmerman City5,228
7 Peterson, Collin Zion Township335
Zippel Unorg118
2 Lewis, Jason Zumbro Falls City207
Zumbrota City3,252
Zumbrota Township586
Zumbro Township722

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